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Bradford AC, Bradford WD. Medical marijuana laws may be associated with a decline in the number of prescriptions for Medicaid enrollees. Health Affairs 2017;36:1 de mayo. [Ref.ID 101570]
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Anónimo. Various states approve recreational, medical marijuana use. DIA Daily 2016:7. [Ref.ID 100907]
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Kim HS, Hall KE, Genco EK, Van Dyke M, Monte AA. Marijuana tourism and emergency department visits in Colorado. N Engl J Med 2016;374:797-8. [Ref.ID 100070]
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Hall W, Lynskey M. Long-term marijuana use and cognitive impairment in middle age. JAMA Intern Med 2016;176:362-3. [Ref.ID 100010]
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Auer R, Vittinghoff E, Yaffe K, Kertesz SG, Levine DA, Albanese E, Whitmer RA, Jacobs Jr DR, Sidney S, Glymour MM, Pletcher MJ. Association between lifetime marijuana use and cognitive function in middle age: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study. JAMA Intern Med 2016;176:352-61. [Ref.ID 100009]
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Dyer O. Canada is to legalise recreational marijuana . BMJ 2015;351:h6758. [Ref.ID 99753]
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Wise J. Skunk-like cannabis may damage white matter in the brain, study shows. BMJ 2015;351:h6417. [Ref.ID 99733]
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McCall C. Momentum grows for medical use of cannabis. Lancet 2015;386:1615-6. [Ref.ID 99633]
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Trecki J, Gerona RR, Schwartz MD. Synthetic cannabinoid - Related illnesses and deahts. N Engl J Med 2015;373:103-7. [Ref.ID 99338]
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Vargas Llamas V. Trias tancarà el 85% de les associacions cannàbiques de BCN. El Periódico 2015:34-5. [Ref.ID 99026]
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Monte AA, Zane RD, Heard KJ. The implications of marijuana legalization in Colorado. JAMA 2015;313:241-2. [Ref.ID 98737]
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Anónimo. US college students abusing medication for academic purposes. DIA Daily 2014:5 de mayo. [Ref.ID 97508]
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Rezkalla S, Kloner RA. Recreational marijuana use: is it safe for your patient?. Journal of the American Heart Association 2014;3:e000904. [Ref.ID 97482]
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Jouanjus E, Lapeyre-Mestre M, Micallef J, The French association of the regional abuse and dependence monitoring centres (CEIP-A) working group on cannabis complications. Cannabis use: signal of increasing risk of serious cardiovascular disorders. Journal of the American Heart Association 2014;3:e000638. [Ref.ID 97472]
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Gunderson EW. Synthetic cannabinoids: a new frontier of designer drugs. Ann Intern Med 2013;159:563-4. [Ref.ID 96386]
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McQuade D, Hudson S, Dargan PI, Wood DM. First European case of convulsions related to analytically confirmed use of the synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonist AM2201. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2013;69:373-6. [Ref.ID 95153]
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Asbridge M, Hayden JA, Cartwright JL. Acute cannabis consumption and motor vehicle collision risk: systematic review of observational studies. BMJ 2012;344:14. [Ref.ID 92505]
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Hall W. Driving while under the influence of cannabis. BMJ 2012;344:7. [Ref.ID 92504]
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