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Asher MI, Montefort S, Björkstén B, Lai CKW, Strachan DP, Weiland SK, Williams H, and the ISAAC Phase Three Study Group. Worldwide time trends in the prevalence of symptoms of asthma, allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema in childhood: ISAAC Phases One and Three repeat multicountry cross-sectional surveys. Lancet 2006;368:733-43. [Ref.ID 77954]
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Schofield I, Faigen N. Generics gets to priority. Scrip Magazine 2004;131:30-2. [Ref.ID 69227]
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Sukkar E. Single digit growth continues. Scrip Magazine 2004;131:22-3. [Ref.ID 69226]
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Darbourne A. Healthy growth for world pharma sales. Scrip Magazine 2000;87:34-6. [Ref.ID 49125]
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