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Strang L, Taylor J. Heroin-assisted treatment and supervised drug consumption sites: experience from four countries. Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, California 2018:5 de diciembre. [Ref.ID 102861]
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Sobieraj DM, Weeda ER, Nguyen E, Coleman CI, White M, Lazarus SC, Blake KV, Lang JE, Baker WL. Association of inhaled corticosteroids and long-acting ß-agonists as controller and quick relief therapy with exacerbations and symptom control in persistent asthma. A systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA 2018;319:10 de abril. [Ref.ID 102671]
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Wilkinson P, Izmeth Z. Continuation and maintenance treatments for depression in older people. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2016:9 de septiembre. [Ref.ID 100956]
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Finch A, Kubler P. The management of gout. Australian Prescriber 2016;39:1 de agosto. [Ref.ID 100572]
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Moncrieff J. Antipsychotic maintenance treatment: time to rethink?. PLOS Medicine 2015;12:4 de agosto. [Ref.ID 99453]
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Vaclavkova A, Chimenti S, Arenberger P, Holló P, Sator P-G, Burcklen M, Stefani M, D'Ambrosio D. Oral ponesimod in patients with chronic plaque psoriasis: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2 trial. Lancet 2014;384:2036-45. [Ref.ID 98424]
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Ryan C, Menter A. Ponesimod - a future oral therapy for psoriasis?. Lancet 2014;384:2006-8. [Ref.ID 98423]
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McEvoy JP, Byerly M, Hamer RM, Dominik R, Swartz MS, Rosenheck RA, Ray N, Lamberti JS, Buckley PF, Wilkins TM, Stroup TS. Effectiveness of paliperidone vs haloperidol decanoate for maintenance treatment of schizophrenia: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2014;311:1978-87. [Ref.ID 97624]
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Cahill K, Stevens S, Lancaster T. Pharmacological treatments for smoking cessation. JAMA 2014;311:193-4. [Ref.ID 97041]
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Ebbert JO, Hatsukami DK, Croghan IT, Schoreder DR, Allen SS, Hays JT, Hurt RD. Combination varenicline and bupropion SR for tobacco-dependence treatment in cigarette smokers: a randomized trial. JAMA 2014;311:155-63. [Ref.ID 97037]
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Evins E, Cather C, Pratt SA, Pachas GN, Hoeppner SS, Goff DC, Achtyes ED, Ayer D, Schoenfeld DA. Maintenance treatment with varenicline for smoking cessation in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: a randomized clinical trial . JAMA 2014;311:145-54. [Ref.ID 97036]
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Priebe S, Yeeles K, Bremner S, Lauber C, Eldridge S, Ashby D, David AS, O'Connell N, Forrest A, Burns T. Effectiveness of financial incentives to improve adherence to maintenance treatment with antipsychotics: cluster randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2013;347:11. [Ref.ID 96428]
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Kendall T. Paying people with psychosis to improve adherence. BMJ 2013;347:9. [Ref.ID 96426]
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Elborn JS, Tunney MM. Macrolides and bronchiectasis: clinical benefit with a resistance price. JAMA 2013;309:1295-6. [Ref.ID 95144]
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Serisier DJ, Martin ML, McGuckin MA, Lourie R, Chen AC, Brain B, Biga S, Schlebusch S, Dash P, Bowler SD. Effect of long-term, low-dose erythromycin on pulmonary exacerbations among patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: the BLESS randomized controlled trial. JAMA 2013;309:1260-7. [Ref.ID 95140]
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Altenburg J, de Graaff CS, Stienstra Y, Sloos JH, van Haren HJ, Koppers RJH, van der Werf TS, Boersma WG. Effect of azithromycin maintenance treatment on infectious exacerbations among patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: the BAT randomized controlled trial. JAMA 2013;309:1251-9. [Ref.ID 95139]
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Smolen JS, Nash P, Durez P, Hall S, Ilivanova E, Irazoque-Palazuelos F, Miranda P, Park MC, Pavelka K, Pedersen R, Szumski A, Hammond C, Koenig AS, Vlahos B. Maintenance, reduction, or withdrawal of etanercept after treatment with etanercept and methotrexate in patients with moderate rheumatoid arthritis (PRESERVE): a randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2013;381:918-29. [Ref.ID 95104]
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Miossec P. Rheumatoid arthritis: still a chronic disease. Lancet 2013;381:884-6. [Ref.ID 95102]
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