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El Zahran T, Schier J, Glidden E, Kieszak S, Law R, Bottei E, Aaron C, King A, Chang A. Characteristics of tianeptine exposures reported to the National Poison Data System — United States, 2000–2017. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2018;67:3 de agosto. [Ref.ID 102752]
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Thielking M. Poison control calls spike for unapproved drug that produces opioid-like highs. STAT Daily Recap 2018:2 de agosto. [Ref.ID 102737]
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Anónimo. L'acrilamida. Document informatiu. Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona. Butlletí informatiu 2014:juliol. [Ref.ID 97752]
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Shaughnessy AF. Old drugs, new tricks. Use of intravenous lipids in clinical toxicology. BMJ 2011;342:671. [Ref.ID 90339]
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