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Montastruc F. Psichopharmacologie des révolutions?. Bulletin d'Information de Pharmacologie 2015;22:37. [Ref.ID 99555]
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Ayadi N, Cheikhrouhou MR, Kechaou M, Bahloul Z, Jawa A. Hypomanie sous corticothérapie. À propos de 50 cas. Therapie 2007;62:443-7. [Ref.ID 81069]
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Darbourne A. Healthy growth for world pharma sales. Scrip Magazine 2000;87:34-6. [Ref.ID 49125]
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Anónimo. Germany - France's top export market. Scrip 1996;2157:4. [Ref.ID 28936]
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