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Hwang YJ, Dixon SN, Reiss JP, Wald R, Parikh CR, Gandhi S, Shariff SZ, Pannu N, Nash DM, Rehman F, Garg AX. Atypical antipsychotic drugs and the risk for acute kidney injury and other adverse outcomes in older adults: a population-based cohort. Ann Intern Med 2014;161:242-8. [Ref.ID 97887]
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Anónimo. Néfopam: un bilan français. Prescrire 2013;33:825. [Ref.ID 96494]
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Anónimo. Aclidinium for COPD?. Drug Ther Bull 2013;51:45-8. [Ref.ID 95197]
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Anónimo. FDA approves aclidinium bromide for treatment of patients with COPD.. DIA Daily 2012:24 julio. [Ref.ID 92711]
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Wuerstle MC, Van Den Eeden SK, Poon KT, Quinn VP, Hollingworth JM, Loo RK, Jacobsen SJ, for the Urologic Diseases in America Project. Contribution of common medications to lower urinary tract symptoms in men. Arch Intern Med 2011;171:1680-2. [Ref.ID 91542]
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Anónimo. DA approves Botox to treat specific form of urinary incontinence. U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2011:25 de agosto. [Ref.ID 91009]
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Singh S, Furberg CD. Inhaled anticholinergics for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Arch Intern Med 2011;171:920-2. [Ref.ID 90625]
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Stephenson A, Seitz D, Bell CM, Gruneir A, Gershon AS, Austin PC, Fu L, Anderson GM, Rochon PA, Gill SS. Inhaled anticholinergic drug therapy and the risk of acute urinary retention in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A population-based study. Arch Intern Med 2011;171:914-20. [Ref.ID 90624]
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Dhruva SS, Redberg RF. Accelerated approval and possible withdrawal of midodrine. JAMA 2010;304:2172-3. [Ref.ID 89668]
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Martín-Merino E, García-Rodríguez LA, Massó-González EL, Roehrborn CG. Do oral antimuscarinic drugs carry an increased risk of acute urinary retention?. J Urol 2009;182:1442-8. [Ref.ID 87004]
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Anónimo. Insuffisances rénales d'origine médicamenteuse. Prescrire 2009;29:506-10. [Ref.ID 86213]
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Singh S, Furberg CD, Loke YK. Tiotropium in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. N Engl J Med 2009;360:186. [Ref.ID 85073]
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Anónimo. US NME programme identifies Cymbalta safety issues. Scrip 2008;3350:18. [Ref.ID 82567]
Hmouda H, Salem CB, Grira M, Slim R, Bouraoui K. Carbamazepine-induced urinary retention. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2007;64:833-4. [Ref.ID 81782]
Anónimo. Quetiapine. Urinary disorders. The Netherlands. WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter 2006;1:7-8. [Ref.ID 76325]
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McVary KT. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and urinary retention. Lancet 2006;367:195-6. [Ref.ID 75986]
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Verhamme KMC, Dieleman JP, Van Wijk MAM, Van der Lei J, Bosch JLHR, Stricker BHC, Sturkenboom MCJM. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory dugs and increased risk of acute urinary retention. Arch Intern Med 2005;165:1547-51. [Ref.ID 74494]
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