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Shenoy ES, Macy E, Rowe T, Blumenthal KG. Evaluation and management of penicillin allergy. A review. JAMA 2019;321:15 de enero. [Ref.ID 103008]
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Zhang H, Plutzky J, Shubina M, Turchin A. Continued statin prescriptions after adverse reactions and patient outcomes: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med 2017;167:221-7. [Ref.ID 102037]
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Grundy SM. Statin discontinuation and intolerance: the challenge of lifelong therapy. Ann Intern Med 2013;158:562-3. [Ref.ID 95207]
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Zhang H, Plutzky J, Skentzos S, Morrison F, Mar P, Shubina M, Turchin A. Discontinuation of statins in routine care settings: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med 2013;158:526-34. [Ref.ID 95205]
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Anónimo. Lamotrigine warning. JAMA 2010;304:1317. [Ref.ID 89397]
van der Linden CMJ, Jansen PAF, van Marum RJ, Grouls RJE, Korsten EHM, Egberts ACG. Recurrence of adverse drug reactions following inappropriate re-prescription: better documentation, availability of information and monitoring are needed. Drug Saf 2010;33:535-8. [Ref.ID 88752]
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Solà R, Boj M, Hernández-Flix S, Camprubí M. Silica in oral drugs as a possible sarcoidosis-inducing antigen. Lancet 2009;373:1943. [Ref.ID 87466]
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Cimbollek S, Quiralte J, Avila R. COX-2 inhibitors in patients with sensitivity to nonselective NSAIDs. N Engl J Med 2009;361:2197-8. [Ref.ID 87216]
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Anónimo. Lénalidomide: syndromes de Stevens-Johnson. Prescrire 2009;29:505. [Ref.ID 86211]
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Brotherton JML, Brugess MA, Kemp AS. Hypersensitivity to HPV vaccine. More data from Australia on sensitivity to HPV vaccine. BMJ 2009;338:124. [Ref.ID 85027]
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Kang LW, Crawford N, Tang MLK, Buttery J, Royle J, Gold M, Ziegler C, Quinn P, Elia S, Choo S. Hypersensitivity reactions to human papillomavirus vaccine in Australian schoolgirls: retrospective cohort study. BMJ 2008;337:1392-6. [Ref.ID 84755]
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Teschke R, Schwarzenboeck A, Hennermann KH. Causality assessment in hepatotoxicity by drugs and dietary supplements. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2008;66:758-66. [Ref.ID 84593]
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Golomb BA, Kane T, Dimsdale JE. Severe irritability associated with statin cholesterol-lowering drugs. Quaterly Journal of Medicine 2004;97:229-35. [Ref.ID 68750]
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Solensky R, Earl HS, Gruchalla RS. Lack of penicillin resensitization in patients with a history of penicillin allergy after receiving repeated penicillin courses. Arch Intern Med 2002;162:822-6. [Ref.ID 61590]
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Caffarelli C, Petroccione T. False-negative food challenges in children with suspected food allergy. Lancet 2001;358:1871-2. [Ref.ID 60014]
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Sampson HA. Use of food-challenge tests in children. Lancet 2001;358:1832-3. [Ref.ID 60010]
Wan Po AL, Kendall MJ. Causality assessment of adverse effects: when is re-challenge ethically acceptable?. Drug Saf 2001;24:793-9. [Ref.ID 59081]
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Anónimo. Alert on hypersensitivity to Simulect. Scrip 2000;2584:22. [Ref.ID 53568]
Gangar M, Arias G, O'Brien JG, Kemper CA. Frequency of cutaneous reactions on rechallenge with nevirapine and delavirdine. Ann Pharmacother 2000;34:839-42. [Ref.ID 52237]
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