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Anónimo. Towards better patient care: drugs to avoid in 2019. Prescrire Int 2019;39:abril. [Ref.ID 103075]
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Anónimo. FDA announces list of off-patent drugs with no competition. DIA Daily 2017:1. [Ref.ID 101658]
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Anónimo. Encéphalopathies postérieures réversibles d'origine médicamenteuse. Prescrire 2016;36:907-10. [Ref.ID 101007]
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Anónimo. In brief: oral phenylephrine for nasal congestion. The Medical Letter on Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin 2015;57:174. [Ref.ID 99738]
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Anónimo. Pour mieux soigner: des médicaments à écarter. Prescrire 2013;33:138-42. [Ref.ID 94882]
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Schaefer MK, Shebab N, Cohen AL, Budnitz DS. Adverse events from cough and cold medications in children. Pediatrics 2008;121:1-5. [Ref.ID 82246]
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. Infant deaths associated with cough and cold medications --- Two states, 2005. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2007;56:1-4. [Ref.ID 80644]
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Coombes R. Cold turkey. BMJ 2007;334:1190-2. [Ref.ID 80466]
Anónimo. Décongestionnants mortels chez des nourrissons. Prescrire 2007;27:429. [Ref.ID 80255]
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Comité Científico del Observatori de Medicaments d'Abús (OMA). Abuso de medicamentos: ¿la adicción del siglo XXI?. Formación Médica Continuada en Atención Primaria 2007;14:255-62. [Ref.ID 80159]
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Nissen SE. ADHD drugs and cardiovascular risk. N Engl J Med 2006;354:1445-8. [Ref.ID 76655]
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Anónimo. Risques liés aux médicaments en cas de vague de chaleur. Prescrire 2004;24:505-11. [Ref.ID 70759]
Anónimo. Laparoschisis et pseudoéphédrine pendant la grossesse. Prescrire 2004;24:193-5. [Ref.ID 69258]
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