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de Vries ST, van der Sar MJM, Cupelli A, Baldelli I, Coleman AM, Montero D, Sipic I, Andric A, Wennberg A, Ahlqvist-Rastad J, Denig P, Mol PGM, On behalf of SCOPE Work Package 6. Communication on safety of medicines in Europe: current practices and general practitioners’ awareness and preferences. Drug Saf 2017;40:729-42. [Ref.ID 101983]
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Kurz X. Advancing regulatory science, advancing regulatory practice. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2017;26:722-6. [Ref.ID 101964]
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Grimaldi-Bensouda L, Nordon C, Rossignol M, Jardon V, Boss V, Warembourg F, Reynolds R, Kurz X, Rouillon F, Abenhaim L, for the PROTECT-WP6 study group. Antiepileptic drugs and risk of suicide attempts: a case–control study exploring the impact of underlying medical conditions. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2017;26:239-47. [Ref.ID 101953]
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Yeh RW, Secemsky EA, Kereiakes DJ, Normand S-LT, Gershlick AH, Cohen DJ, Spertus JA, Steg PG, Cutlip DE, Rinaldi MJ, Camenzind E, Wijns W, Apruzzese PK, Song Y, Massaro JM, Mauri L, for the DAPT Study Investigators. Development and validation of a prediction rule for benefit and harm of dual antiplatelet therapy beyond 1 year after percutaneous coronary intervention. JAMA 2016;315:1735-49. [Ref.ID 100183]
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Moore TJ, Furberg CD. Electronic health data for postmarket surveillance: a vision not realized. Drug Saf 2015;38:601-10. [Ref.ID 99852]
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Sabaté M, Pacheco JF, Ballarín E, Ferrer P, Petri H, Hasford J, Schoonen MW, Rottenkolber M, Fortuny J, Laporte JR, Ibáñez L, on behalf of the PROTECT work package 2. A compilation of research working groups on drug utilisation across Europe. BMC Research Notes 2014;7:143. [Ref.ID 97264]
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Khong TP, de Vries F, Goldenberg JSB, Klungel OH, Ronbison NJ, Ibáñez L, Petri H. Potential impact of benzodiazepine use on the rate of hip fractures in five large European Countries and the United States. Calcif Tissue Int 2013;91:24-31. [Ref.ID 94615]
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Teerlink JR, Iragui VJ, Mohr JP, Carson PE, Hauptman PJ, Lovett DH, Miller AB, Piña IL, Thompson S, Varosy PD, Zile MR, Cleland JGF, Givertz MM, Metra M, Ponikowski P, Voors AA, Davison BA, Cotter G, Wolko D, DeLucca P, Salerno CM, Mansoor GA, Dittrich H, O'Connor CM, Massie BM. The safety of an adenosine A1-receptor antagonist, rolofylline, in patients with acute heart failure and renal impairment: findings from PROTECT. Drug Saf 2012;35:233-44. [Ref.ID 92432]
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Hunter RJ, Schilling RJ. New European guidelines on atrial fibrillation. BMJ 2011;342:989-90. [Ref.ID 90786]
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The PROTECT Investigators for the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group. Dalteparin versus unfractionated heparin in critically ill patients. N Engl J Med 2011;364:1305-14. [Ref.ID 90536]
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Stang PE, Ryan PB, Racoosin JA, Overhage JM, Hartzema AG, Reich C, Welebob E, Scarnecchia T, Woodcock J. Advancing the science for active surveillance: rationale and design for the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership. Ann Intern Med 2010;153:600-6. [Ref.ID 89833]
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Platt R, Wilson M, Chan A, Benner JS, Marchibroda J, McClellan M. The new Sentinel Network — Improving the evidence of medical-product safety . N Engl J Med 2009;361:645-7. [Ref.ID 86387]
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Avorn J, Schneeweiss S. Managing drug-risk information — What to do with All those new numbers . N Engl J Med 2009;361:647-9. [Ref.ID 86386]
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Vaithianathan R, Hockey PM, Moore TJ, Bates DW. Iatrogenic effects of COX-2 inhibitors in the US population: findings from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Drug Saf 2009;32:335-43. [Ref.ID 85765]
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Hochberg AM, Pearson RK, O'Hara DJ, Reisinger SJ. Drug-versus-drug adverse event rate comparisons: a pilot study based on data from the US FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. Drug Saf 2009;32:137-46. [Ref.ID 85482]
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Aronson JK, Price D, Ferner RE. A strategy for regulatory action when new adverse effects of a licensed product emerge. Drug Saf 2009;32:91-8. [Ref.ID 85478]
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Smeeth L, Douglas I, Hall AJ, Hubbard R, Evans S. Effect of statins on a wide range of health outcomes: a cohort study validated by comparison with randomized trials. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2009;67:99-109. [Ref.ID 84984]
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Raschi E, Poluzzi E, Zuliani C, Muller A, Goossens H, De Ponti F. Exposure to antibacterial agents with QT liability in 14 European countries: trends over and 8-year period. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2009;67:88-98. [Ref.ID 84983]
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