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Healy D, Mangin D. Clinical judgments, not algorithms, are key to patient safety. BMJ 2019;367:2 de octubre. [Ref.ID 103204]
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Garattini S, Bertele V. Europe's opportunity to open up drug regulation. BMJ 2010;340:842-3. [Ref.ID 88339]
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Anónimo. FDA & Roche faulted for weak Accutane controls. Scrip 2002;2808:13. [Ref.ID 64469]
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Anónimo. FDA panel wants stronger acetaminophen warnings. Scrip 2002;2784:18. [Ref.ID 63565]
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Anónimo. Nefazodone: rare cases of liver failure. United States of America. WHO Drug Information 2002;16:28. [Ref.ID 62068]
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