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Anónimo. France reissues mifepristone guidelines in light of US experience. Scrip 2005;3101:4. [Ref.ID 75196]
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Anónimo. Italian minister stops abortion pill trials. Scrip 2005;3094:7. [Ref.ID 74873]
Miech RP. Pathophysiology of mifepristone-induced septic shock due to Clostridium sordellii. Ann Pharmacother 2005;39:1483-8. [Ref.ID 74703]
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Anónimo. New warning for mifepristone and misoprostol. Lancet 2005;366:344. [Ref.ID 74533]
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Anónimo. WHO not to include tenofovir in new essential drug list. Scrip 2005;3071:19. [Ref.ID 74336]
Gibson L. WHO puts abortifacients on essential drug list. BMJ 2005;331:68. [Ref.ID 74288]
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Anónimo. Waxman urges US not to block the WHO from endorsing two abortion pills. Scrip 2005;3066:14. [Ref.ID 74190]
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Anónimo. Abortion drugs must become WHO essential medicines. Lancet 2005;365:1826. [Ref.ID 73981]
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Sukkar E. Gilead's tenofovir excluded from WHO essential drug list. Scrip 2005;3056:16. [Ref.ID 73824]
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Anónimo. Brazil rejects US AIDS money. Scrip 2005;3053:23. [Ref.ID 73723]
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Anónimo. FDA warns against "higher risk" drugs on Web. Scrip 2003;2901:13. [Ref.ID 68114]
Westhoff C. Emergency contraception. N Engl J Med 2003;349:1830-5. [Ref.ID 68032]
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Anónimo. Major UK patents up for expiry. Scrip 2003;2822:4. [Ref.ID 65006]
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von Hertzen H, Piaggio G, Ding J, Chen J, Song S, Bártfai G, Ng E, Gemzell-Danielsson K, Oyunbileg A, Wu S, Cheng W, Lüdicke F, Pretnar-Darovec A, Kirkman R, Mittal S, Khomassuridze A, Apter D, Peregoudov A, for the WHO Research Group on Post-ovulatory Methods of Fertility Regulation. Low dose mifepristone and two regimens of levonorgestrel for emergency contraception: a WHO multicentre randomised trial. Lancet 2002;360:1803-10. [Ref.ID 64345]
Bygdeman M, Danielsson KG. Options of early therapeutic abortion: a comparative review. Drugs 2002;62:2459-70. [Ref.ID 64279]
Child TJ, Tan SL. Endometriosis: aetiology, pathogenesis and treatment. Drugs 2001;61:1735-50. [Ref.ID 58964]
Anónimo. Nuevos principios autorizados en España durante 2000. PAM 2001;244:5-6. [Ref.ID 58079]
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DeHart RM, Moreheaad MS. Mifepristone. Ann Pharmacother 2001;35:707-19. [Ref.ID 57308]
Friedman MA. Manufacturer's warning regarding unapproved uses of misoprostol. N Engl J Med 2001;344:61. [Ref.ID 57128]
Anónimo. Mifépristone: évite ou facilite la dilatation du col avant IVG par aspiration. Prescrire 2001;21:421-7. [Ref.ID 57028]
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