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21. Cita con resumen
van Kruijsdijk RCM, Visseren FLJ, Ridker PM, Dorresteijn JAN, Buring JE, Van der Graaf Y, Cook NR. Individualised prediction of alternate-day aspirin treatment effects on the combined risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal bleeding in healthy women . Heart 2014:4 de diciembre. [Ref.ID 98349]
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23. Cita con resumen
Abraham NS, Hartman C, Richardson P, Castillo D, Street Jr RL, Naik AD. Risk of lower and upper gastrointestinal bleeding, transfusions, and hospitalizations with complex antithrombotic therapy in elderly patients. Circulation 2013;128:1869-77. [Ref.ID 96222]
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Culver AL, Ockene IS, Ma Y. Statins and the risk of diabetes - Reply. Arch Intern Med 2012;172:896-7. [Ref.ID 93202]
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Zeliger H. Statins and the risk of diabetes. Arch Intern Med 2012;172:896-7. [Ref.ID 93201]
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Katsiki N, Banach M. Statins and the risk of diabetes: the debate. Arch Intern Med 2012;172:895-6. [Ref.ID 93200]
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Culver AL, Ockene IS, Balasubramanian R, Olendzki BC, Sepavich DM, Wactawski-Wende J, Manson JE, Qiao Y, Liu S, Merriam PA, Rahily-Tierny C, Thomas F, Berger JS, Ockene JK, Curb JD, Ma Y. Statin use and risk of diabetes mellitus in postmenopausal women in the women's health initiative. Arch Intern Med 2012;172:144-52. [Ref.ID 92271]
29. Cita con resumen
Preiss D, Seshasai SRK, Welsh P, Murphy SA, Ho JE, Waters DD, DeMicco DA, Barter P, Cannon CP, Sabatine MS, Braunwald E, Kastelein JJP, de Lemos JA, Blazing MA, Pedersen TR, Tikkanen MJ, Sattar N, Ray KK. Risk of incident diabetes with intensive-dose compared with moderate-dose statin therapy. A meta-analysis. JAMA 2011;305:2556-64. [Ref.ID 91338]
30. Cita con resumen
Maher AR, Maglione M, Bagley S, Suttorp M, Hu J-H, Ewing B, Wang Z, Timmer M, Sultzer D, Shekelle PG. Efficacy and comparative effectiveness of atypical antipsychotic medications for off-label uses in adults. A systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA 2011;306:1359-69. [Ref.ID 91219]
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Derry S, Moore RA, McQuay HJ. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) with or without an antiemetic for acute migraine headaches in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2010;11:CD008040. [Ref.ID 87544]
32. Cita con resumen
Shun-Shin.M, Thompson M, Heneghan C, Perera R, Harnden A, Mant D. Neuraminidase inhibitors for treatment and prophylaxis of influenza in children: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. BMJ 2009;339:449. [Ref.ID 86408]
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Burrill PD. Clopidogrel. Increasing concordance. BMJ 2009;338:1226. [Ref.ID 85957]
Anónimo. Understanding statistical terms: 2. Drug Ther Bull 2009;47:35-6. [Ref.ID 85453]
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