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Schmitz J, West KP, Khatry SK, Wu L, LeClerq SC, Kama SL, Katz J, Sommer A, Pillion J. Vitamin A supplementation in preschool children and risk of hearing loss as adolescents and young adults in rural Nepal: randomised trial cohort follow-up study. BMJ 2012;344:15. [Ref.ID 92293]
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Wieringa FT, Dijkhuizen MA. Vitamin A supplementation in children and hearing loss. BMJ 2012;344:8. [Ref.ID 92291]
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Lozano R, Wang H, Foreman KJ, Rajaratnam JK, Naghavi M, Marcus JR, Dwyer-Lindgren L, Lofgren KT, Phillips D, Atkinson C, Lopez AD, Murray CJL. Progress towards Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 on maternal and child mortality: an updated systematic analysis. Lancet 2011;378:1139-65. [Ref.ID 91511]
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Byass P, Graham WJ. Grappling with uncertainties along the MDG trail. Lancet 2011;378:1119-20. [Ref.ID 91510]
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Rajaratnam JK, Marcus JR, Levin-Rector A, Chalupka AN, Wang H, Dwyer L, Costa M, López AD, Murray CJL. Worldwide mortality in men and women aged 15-59 years from 1970 to 2010: a systematic analysis. Lancet 2010;375:1704-20. [Ref.ID 88504]
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Koyanagi A, Shibuya K. What do we really know about adult mortality worldwide?. Lancet 2010;375:1668-70. [Ref.ID 88501]
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Kirkwood BR, Hurt L, Amenga-Etego S, Tawiah C, Zandoh C, Danso S, Hurt C, Edmond K, Hill Z, ten Asbroek G, Fenty J, Owusu-Agyei S, Campbell O, Arthur P, for the ObaapaVitA Trial Team. Effect of vitamin A supplementation in women of reproductive age on maternal survival in Ghana (ObaapaVitA): a cluster-randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 2010;375:1640-9. [Ref.ID 88497]
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Hogan MC, Foreman KJ, Nagavi M, Ahn SY, Wang M, Makela SM, López AD, Lozano R, Murray CJL. Maternal mortality for 181 countries, 1980-2008: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 5. Lancet 2010;375:1609-23. [Ref.ID 88495]
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Steinbrook R. Closing the affordability gap for drugs in low-income countries. N Engl J Med 2007;357:1996-9. [Ref.ID 81507]
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Reddy M, Gill SS, Kalkar SR, Wu W, Anderson PJ, Rochon PA. Oral drug therapy for multiple neglected tropical diseases. A systematic review. JAMA 2007;298:1911-24. [Ref.ID 81465]
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Tielsch JM, Khatry SK, Stoltzfus RJ, LeClerg S, Adhikari R, Mullany LC, Black R, Shresta S. Effect of daily zinc supplementation on child mortality in southern Nepal: a community-based, cluster randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 2007;370:1230-9. [Ref.ID 81258]
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Lazzerini M. Effect of zinc supplementation on child mortality. Lancet 2007;370:1194-5. [Ref.ID 81255]
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Krawczynski K. Hepatitis E vaccine - ready for prime time?. N Engl J Med 2007;356:949-51. [Ref.ID 79383]
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Shrestha MP, Scott RM, Joshi DM, Mammen Jr MP, Thapa GB, Thapa N, Myint KSA, Fourneau M, Kuschner RA, Shrestha SK, David MP, Seriwatana J, Vaughn DW, Safary A, Endy TP, Innis B. Safety and efficacy of a recombinant hepatitis E vaccine. N Engl J Med 2007;356:895-903. [Ref.ID 79380]
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Filippi V, Ronsmans C, Campbell OMR, Graham WJ, Mills A, Borghi J, Koblinsky M, Osrin D. Maternal health in poor countries: the broader context and a call for action. Lancet 2006;368:1535-41. [Ref.ID 78394]
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Mullany LC, Darmstadt GL, Khatry SK, Katz J, LeClerq SC, Shrestha S, Adhikari R, Tielsch JM. Topical applications of chlorhexidine to the umbilical cord for prevention of omphalitis and neonatal mortality in southern Nepal: a community-based, cluster-randomised trial. Lancet 2006;367:910-8. [Ref.ID 76375]
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Newell JN, Baral SC, Pande SB, Bam DS, Malla P. Family-member DOTS and community DOTS for tuberculosis control in Nepal: cluster-randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2006;367:903-9. [Ref.ID 76374]
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Tielsch JM, Khatry SK, Stoltzfus RJ, Katz J, LeClerq SC, Adhikari R, Mullany LC, Shresta S, Black RE. Effect of routine prophylactic supplementation with iron and folic acid on preschool children mortality in southern Nepal: community-based, cluster-randomised, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 2006;367:144-52. [Ref.ID 75933]
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English M, Snow RW. Iron and folic acid supplementation and malaria risk. Lancet 2006;367:90-1. [Ref.ID 75920]
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Bhattarai MD. Combination anti-hypertensives in WHO essential medicine list. Lancet 2005;366:633. [Ref.ID 74658]
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