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Jamison DT, Summers LH, Alleyne G, Arrow KJ, Berkley S, Binagwaho A, Bustreo F, Evans D, Feachem RGA, Frenk J, Ghosh G, Goldie SJ, Gupta S, Horton R, Kruk ME, Mahmoud A, Mohohlo LK, Ncube M, Pablos-Mendez A, Reddy KS, Saxenian H, Soucat A, Ulltveit-Moe KH. Global health 2035: a world converging within a generation. Lancet 2013;382:1898-955. [Ref.ID 96314]
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Lozano R, Wang H, Foreman KJ, Rajaratnam JK, Naghavi M, Marcus JR, Dwyer-Lindgren L, Lofgren KT, Phillips D, Atkinson C, Lopez AD, Murray CJL. Progress towards Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 on maternal and child mortality: an updated systematic analysis. Lancet 2011;378:1139-65. [Ref.ID 91511]
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Byass P, Graham WJ. Grappling with uncertainties along the MDG trail. Lancet 2011;378:1119-20. [Ref.ID 91510]
Victora CG, Black RE, Boerma JT, Bryce J. Measuring impact in the Millennium Developoment Goal era and beyond: a new approach to large-scale effectiveness evaluations. Lancet 2011;377:89-95. [Ref.ID 90081]
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Shiffman J. Issue attention in global health: the case of newborn survival. Lancet 2010;375:2045-9. [Ref.ID 88643]
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Rajaratnam JK, Marcus JR, Flaxman AD, Wang H, Levin-Rector A, Dwyer L, Costa M, López AD, Murray CJL. Neonatal, postneonatal, childhood, and under-5 mortality for 187 countries, 1970-2010: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 4. Lancet 2010;375:1988-2008. [Ref.ID 88642]
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Black RE, Cousens S, Johnson HL, Lawn JE, Rudan I, Bassani DG, Jha P, Campbell H, Walker CF, Cibulskis R, Eisele T, Liu L, Mathers C, for the Child Health Epidemiology Reference Group of WHO and UNICEF. Global, regional, and national cause of child mortality in 2008: a systematic analysis. Lancet 2010;375:1969-87. [Ref.ID 88641]
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Hogan MC, Foreman KJ, Nagavi M, Ahn SY, Wang M, Makela SM, López AD, Lozano R, Murray CJL. Maternal mortality for 181 countries, 1980-2008: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 5. Lancet 2010;375:1609-23. [Ref.ID 88495]
Fryatt R, Mills A, Nordstrom A. Financing of health systems to achieve the health Millennium Development Goals in low-income countries. Lancet 2010;375:419-26. [Ref.ID 87808]
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Zarocostas J. Measles deaths fell by more than 78% worldwide between 2000 and 2008. BMJ 2009;339:1337. [Ref.ID 87435]
11. Cita con resumen
Zarocostas J. Millennium goals are under threat from financial crisis. BMJ 2009;338:1036. [Ref.ID 85737]
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Backman G, Hunt P, Khosla R, Jaramillo-Strouss C, Fikre BM, Rumble C, Pevalin D, Páez DA, Pineda MA, Frisancho A, Tarco D, Motlagh M, Farcasanu D, Vladescu C. Health systems and the right to health: an assessment of 194 countries. Lancet 2008;372:2047-85. [Ref.ID 84772]
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Banatvala N, Donaldson L. Chronic diseases in developing countries. Lancet 2007;370:2076-8. [Ref.ID 81844]
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Tanne JH. Website tracks progress towards UN millennium goals. BMJ 2007;335:1014. [Ref.ID 81578]
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Murray CJL, Laakso T, Shibuya K, Hill K, López AD. Can we achieve Millennium Development Goal 4? New analysis of country trends and forecasts of under-5 mortality to 2015. Lancet 2007;370:1040-54. [Ref.ID 81102]
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Murray CJL, Frenk J, Evans T. The Global Campaign for the Health MDGs: challenges, opportunities, and the imperative of shared learning. Lancet 2007;370:1018-20. [Ref.ID 81100]
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Haines A, Horton R, Bhutta Z. Primary health care comes of age. Looking forward to the 30th anniversary of Alma-Ata: call for papers. Lancet 2007;370:911-3. [Ref.ID 81071]
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Moszynski P. Millennium goals will not be met until 2282. BMJ 2007;335:67. [Ref.ID 80718]
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Barry M. The tail end of Guinea worm - global eradication without a drug or a vaccine. N Engl J Med 2007;356:2561-4. [Ref.ID 80326]
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Costello A, Filippi V, Kubba T, Horton R. Research challenges to improve maternal and child survival. Lancet 2007;369:1240-3. [Ref.ID 79780]
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