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Vallance P, Chalmers I. Secure use of individual patient data from clinical trials. Lancet 2013;382:1703-4. [Ref.ID 96309]
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Nelson JC, Delucchi KL, Schneider LS. Moderators of outcome in late-life depression: a patient-level meta-analysis. Am J Psychiatry 2013;170:651-9. [Ref.ID 95640]
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Doshi P, Jefferson T. The first 2 years of the European Medicines Agency's policy on access to documents: secret no longer. JAMA Intern Med 2013;173:380-2. [Ref.ID 95096]
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Steinbrook R. The European Medicines Agency and the brave new world of access to clinical trial data. JAMA Intern Med 2013;173:373-4. [Ref.ID 95095]
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Horton R. Offline: Falling out with pharma. Lancet 2013;381:358. [Ref.ID 94896]
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Kmietowicz Z. GSK backs BMJ's policy to publish only studies with full access to data. BMJ 2012;345:1. [Ref.ID 94034]
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Godlee F. Clinical trial data for all drugs in current use. BMJ 2012;345:7. [Ref.ID 94000]
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Vickers AJ, Cronin AM, Maschino AC, Lewith G, MacPherson H, Foster NE, Sherman KJ, Witt CM, Linde K. Acupuncture for chronic pain: individual patient data meta-analysis. Arch Intern Med 2012;172:1444-53. [Ref.ID 93921]
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Coombes R. GlaxoSmithKline grants researchers access to raw clinical trial data. BMJ 2012;345:2-3. [Ref.ID 93906]
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Ebrahim S, Casas JP. Statins for all by the age of 50 years?. Lancet 2012;380:545-7. [Ref.ID 93574]
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De Luca G, Dirksen MT, Spaulding C, Kelbaek H, Schalij M, Thuesen L, van der Hoeven B, Vink MA, Kaiser C, Musto C, Chechi T, Spaziani G, Díaz de la Llera LS, Pasceri V, Di Lorenzo E, Violini R, Cortese G, Suryapranata H, Stone GW, for the Drug-Eluting Stent in Primary Angioplasty (DESERT) Cooperation. Drug-eluting vs bare-metal stents in primary angioplasty: a pooled patient-level meta-analysis of randomized trials. Arch Intern Med 2012;172:611-21. [Ref.ID 92786]
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Farmer AJ, Perera R, Ward A, Heneghan C, Oke J, Barnett AH, Davidson MB, Guerci B, Coates V, Schwedes U, O'Malley S. Meta-analysis of individual patient data in randomised trials of self monitoring of blood glucose in people with non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes. BMJ 2012;344:14. [Ref.ID 92516]
Jefferis J, Perera R, Everitt H, van Weert H, Rietveld R, Glasziou P, Rose P. Acute infective conjunctivitis in primary care: who needs antibiotics? An individual patient data meta-analysis.. Br J Gen Pract 2011;61:e545-8. [Ref.ID 90418]
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Rothwell PM, Wilson M, Elwin C-E, Norrving B, Algra A, Warlow CP, Meade TW. Long-term effect of aspirin on colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. 20-year follow-up of five randomised trials. Lancet 2010;376:1741-50. [Ref.ID 89672]
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Benamouzig R, Uzzan B. Aspirin to prevent colorectal cancer: time to act?. Lancet 2010;376:1713-4. [Ref.ID 89670]
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