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Schuster RM , Gilman J , Schoenfeld D , Evenden J , Hareli M , Ulysse C , Nip E , Hanly A , Zhang H , Evins E. One month of cannabis abstinence in adolescents and young adults is associated with improved memory. J Clin Psychiatry 2018;79:17m11977. [Ref.ID 102839]
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Hall W, Lynskey M. Long-term marijuana use and cognitive impairment in middle age. JAMA Intern Med 2016;176:362-3. [Ref.ID 100010]
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Auer R, Vittinghoff E, Yaffe K, Kertesz SG, Levine DA, Albanese E, Whitmer RA, Jacobs Jr DR, Sidney S, Glymour MM, Pletcher MJ. Association between lifetime marijuana use and cognitive function in middle age: The Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study. JAMA Intern Med 2016;176:352-61. [Ref.ID 100009]
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Montastruc F. Psichopharmacologie des révolutions?. Bulletin d'Information de Pharmacologie 2015;22:37. [Ref.ID 99555]
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Strom BL, Schinnar R, Karlawish J, Hennessy S, Teal V, Bilker WB. Statin therapy and risk of acute memory impairment. JAMA Intern Med 2015;175:1399-405. [Ref.ID 99143]
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Richardson K, Schoen M, French B, Umscheid CA, Mitchell MD, Arnold SE, Heidenreich PA, Rader DJ, deGoma EM. Statins and cognitive function: a systematic review. Ann Intern Med 2013;159:688-97. [Ref.ID 96561]
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Kelley BKJ. FDA approves new cholesterol-cutting combination drug. Journal Watch 2013:6 de mayo. [Ref.ID 95324]
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Anónimo. Alzheimer's drug fails main goal, but results still better than expected.. DIA Daily 2012:27 de agosto. [Ref.ID 92908]
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Kuehn BM. Serotonin syndrome update. JAMA 2011;306:2661. [Ref.ID 91993]
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Maningat P, Breslow JL. Needed: pragmatic clinical trials for statin-intolerant patients. N Engl J Med 2011;365:2250-1. [Ref.ID 91966]
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de Boer A. When to publish measures of disproportionality derived from spontaneous reporting databases?. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2011;72:909-11. [Ref.ID 91874]
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Montastruc J-L, Sommet A, Bagheri H, Lapeyre-Mestre M. Benefits and strenghts of the disproportionality analysis of identification of adverse drug reactions in a pharmacovigilance database. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2011;72:905-8. [Ref.ID 91873]
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Chavant F, Favrelière S, Lafay-Chebassier C, Plazanet C, Pérault-Pochat M-C. Memory disorders associated with consumption of drugs: updating through a case/noncase study in the French PharmacoVigilance Database. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2011;72:898-904. [Ref.ID 91872]
Young J, Meagher D, MacLullich A. Cognitive assessment of older people. BMJ 2011;343:527-31. [Ref.ID 91463]
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Balasa M, Gelpi E, Antonell A, Rey MJ, Sánchez-Valle R, Molinuevo JL, Lladó A, for the Neurological Tissue Bank/University of Barcelona/Hospital Clinic NTB/UB/HC Collaborative Group. Clinical features and APOE genotype of pathologically proven early-onset Alzheimer disease. Neurology 2011;76:1720-5. [Ref.ID 90730]
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Winstock AR, Ford C, Witton J. Assessment and management of cannabis use disorders in primary care. BMJ 2010;340:800-4. [Ref.ID 88314]
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Sanders AE, Wang C, Katz M, Derby CA, Barzilai N, Ozelius L, Lipton RB. Association of a functional polymorphism in the Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) gene with memory decline and incidence of dementia. JAMA 2010;303:150-8. [Ref.ID 87588]
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Snitz BE, O'Meara ES, Carlson MC, Arnold AM, Ives DG, Rapp SR, Saxton J, López OL, Dunn LO, Sink KM, DeKosky ST, for the Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory (GEM) Study Investigators. Ginkgo biloba for prevention cognitive decline in older adults. A randomized trial. JAMA 2009;302:2663-70. [Ref.ID 87397]
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