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Grant PJ, Conlon A, Chopra V, Flanders SA. Use of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in hospitalized patients. JAMA Intern Med 2018;178:agosto. [Ref.ID 102646]
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Tyrer P, Cooper S, Salkovskis P, Tyrer H, Crawford M, Byford S, Dupont S, Finnis S, Green J, McLaren E, Murphy D, Reid S, Smith G, Wang D, Warwick H, Petkova H, Barrett B. Clinical and cost-effectiveness of cognitive behaviour therapy for health anxiety in medical patients: a multicentre randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2014;383:219-25. [Ref.ID 97056]
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Williams Ch, House A. Cognitive behaviour therapy for health anxiety. Lancet 2014;383:190-1. [Ref.ID 97055]
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Iorio A, Kearon C, Filippucci E, Marcucci M, Macura A, Pengo V, Siragusa S, Palareti G. Risk of recurrence after a first episode of symptomatic venous thromboembolism provoked by a transient risk factor. A systematic review. Arch Intern Med 2010;170:1710-6. [Ref.ID 89548]
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May C, Montori V, Mair F. We need minimally disruptive medicine. BMJ 2009;339:485-7. [Ref.ID 86677]
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Holtz TH, Holmes S, Stonington S, Eisenberg L. Health is still social: contemporary examples in the age of the genome. PLOS Medicine 2006;3:419. [Ref.ID 78428]
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Leong AL. Commentary: Challenging the patience of patients. BMJ 2005;331:107. [Ref.ID 74295]
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Ortiz Z. Commentary: How far is the future?. BMJ 2005;331:106-7. [Ref.ID 74294]
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Villanueva TG. Commentary: the future for medical education. BMJ 2005;331:105-6. [Ref.ID 74293]
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Davies SC. Commentary: Universities have a vital role. BMJ 2005;331:105. [Ref.ID 74292]
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Clark J, for the International Campaign to Revitalise Academic Medicine. Five futures for academic medicine: the ICRAM scenarios. BMJ 2005;331:101-7. [Ref.ID 74291]
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International Working Party to Promote and Revitalise Academic Medicine. Academic medicine: the evidence base. BMJ 2004;329:789-92. [Ref.ID 71523]
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International Working Party to Promote and Revitalise Academic Medicine. ICRAM (the International Campaign to Revitalise Academic Medicine): agenda setting. BMJ 2004;329:787-9. [Ref.ID 71522]
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Schmidt MI, Duncan BB. Academic medicine as a resource for global health: the case of Brazil. BMJ 2004;329:753-4. [Ref.ID 71516]
18.Tiene citas relacionadas
Clark J, Tugwell P. Who cares about academic medicine?. BMJ 2004;329:751-2. [Ref.ID 71515]
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Lilford R, Mohammed MA, Spiegelhalter D, Thomson R. Use and misuse of process and outcome data in managing performance of acute medical care: avoiding institutional stigma. Lancet 2004;363:1147-54. [Ref.ID 69706]
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