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Raffel J, Wallace A, Gveric D, Reynolds R, Friede T, Nicholas R. Patient-reported outcomes and survival in multiple sclerosis: A 10-year retrospective cohort study using the Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale–29. PLOS Medicine 2017:10 de julio. [Ref.ID 101977]
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Livingston MD, Barnett TE, Delcher C, Wagenaar AC. Recreational cannabis legalization and opioid-related deaths in Colorado, 2000-2015. Am J Public Health 2017;107:1827-9. [Ref.ID 101388]
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Zong G, Li Y, Wanders AJ, Alssema M, Zock PL, Willett WC, Hu FB, Sun Q. Intake of individual saturated fatty acids and risk of coronary heart disease in US men and women: two prospective longitudinal cohort studies. BMJ 2016;355:i5796. [Ref.ID 100999]
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Risacher SL, McDonald BC, Tallman EF, West JD, Farlow MR, Unverzagt FW, Gao S, Boustani M, Crane PK, Petersen RC, Jack Jr CR, Jagust WJ, Aisen PS, Weiner MW, Saykin AJ, for the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative. Association between anticholinergic medication use and cognition, brain metabolism, and brain atrophy in cognitively normal older adults. JAMA Neurology 2016;73:721-32. [Ref.ID 100315]
5. Cita con resumen
Anónimo. Glucarpidase (Voraxaze) for methotrexate toxicity. Med Lett Drugs Ther 2012;54:19-20. [Ref.ID 92503]
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Pletcher MJ, Vittinghoff E, Kalhan R, Richman J, Safford M, Sidney S, Lin F, Kertesz S. Association between marijuana exposure and pulmonary function over 20 years. JAMA 2012;307:173-81. [Ref.ID 92199]
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Noyes K, Bajorska A, Chappel A, Schwid SR, Mehta LR, Weinstock-Guttman B, Holloway RG, Dick AW. Cost-effectiveness of disease-modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis. A population-based study. Neurology 2011;77:355-63. [Ref.ID 90812]
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Carvajal A, García-Ortega P, Sáinz M, Velasco V, Salado I, Martín Arias LH, Eiros JM, Pérez Rubio A, Castrodeza J. Adverse events associated with pandemic influenza vaccines: Comparison of the results of a follow-up study with those coming from spontaneous reporting. Vaccine 2011;29:519-22. [Ref.ID 89853]
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Farkas H, Czaller I, Csuka D, Vas A, Valentin S, Varga L, Széplaki G, Jakab L, Füst G, Prohászka Z, Harmat G, Visy B, Karádi I. The effect of long-term danazol prophylaxis on liver function in hereditary angioedema - a longitudinal study. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2010;66:419-26. [Ref.ID 88246]
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Torn M, Rosendaal FR. Optimal anticoagulation therapy in patients with valvular heart disease or atrial fibrillation. In reply. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:2033. [Ref.ID 87131]
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McLeod CJ, Gersh BJ. Optimal anticoagulation therapy in patients with valvular heart disease or atrial fibrillation. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:2032-3. [Ref.ID 87130]
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Singer DE, Fang MC, Go AS. The international normalized ratio range of 2.0 to 3.0 remains appropriate for atrial fibrillation. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:2032. [Ref.ID 87129]
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Hollak CEM, Hughes D, van Schaik IN, Schwierin B, Bembi B. Miglustat (Zavesca) in type 1 Gaucher disease: 5-year results of a post-authorisation safety surveillance programme. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2009;18:770-7. [Ref.ID 86558]
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Torn M, Cannegieter SC, Bollen WLEM, van der Meer FJM, van der Wall EE, Rosendaal FR. Optimal level of oral anticoagulant therapy for the prevention of arterial thrombosis in patients with mechanical heart valve prostheses, atrial fibrillation, or myocardial infarction. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:1203-9. [Ref.ID 86333]
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Anónimo. France begins five-year study of Tysabri. Scrip 2007;3315:5. [Ref.ID 81618]
17. Cita con resumen
Amanna IJ, Carlson NE, Slifka MK. Duration of humoral immunity to common viral and vaccine antigens. N Engl J Med 2007;357:1903-15. [Ref.ID 81453]
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Schulte-Herbrüggen O, Jockers-Scherübl MC. Cannabis and psychosis. Lancet 2007;370:1540. [Ref.ID 81418]
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Zullino DF, Rathelot T, Khazaal Y. Cannabis and psychosis. Lancet 2007;370:1540. [Ref.ID 81417]
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Zammit S, Moore T, Lewis G. Cannabis and psychosis. Authors' reply. Lancet 2007;370:1539-40. [Ref.ID 81416]
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