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Summerfield D. NHS antidepressant prescribing: what do we get for £266m a year?. BMJ 2018;360:k1019. [Ref.ID 102475]
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Anónimo. Are "commodity" generics already sold at a low price in the US?. Scrip 2006;3195:24. [Ref.ID 78114]
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Anónimo. Giant retailer Wal-Mart slashes US generic drug prices. Scrip 2006;3195:23. [Ref.ID 78113]
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Anónimo. FDA still lax on drug advertising, says Waxman. Scrip 2004;2924:15. [Ref.ID 69065]
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Anónimo. Vatican attacks industry over prices of AIDS drugs. Scrip 2004;2923:21. [Ref.ID 69046]
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