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Anónimo. Spaniards rate doctors ahead of the king and the church. BMJ 2011;343:556. [Ref.ID 91468]
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Anónimo. Ethical behaviour in clinical research - a lesson from the past. Lancet 2011;378:962. [Ref.ID 91158]
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Anónimo. Le tacrolimus dermique a-t-il été dénigré par Prescrire?. Prescrire 2011;31:393-6. [Ref.ID 90710]
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Bristol N. US bioethics commission hears expert testimonies. Lancet 2011;377:889. [Ref.ID 90317]
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Backman G, Hunt P, Khosla R, Jaramillo-Strouss C, Fikre BM, Rumble C, Pevalin D, Páez DA, Pineda MA, Frisancho A, Tarco D, Motlagh M, Farcasanu D, Vladescu C. Health systems and the right to health: an assessment of 194 countries. Lancet 2008;372:2047-85. [Ref.ID 84772]
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Frisancho A, Goulden J. Rights-based approaches to improve people's health in Peru. Lancet 2008;372:2007-8. [Ref.ID 84762]
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Pillay N. Right to health and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Lancet 2008;372:2005-6. [Ref.ID 84761]
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Mills J. US replaces Helsinki Declaration for some studies. Scrip 2008;3357:27. [Ref.ID 82784]
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Garattini S, Bertele V. Non-inferiority trials are unethical because they disregard patients' interests. Lancet 2007;370:1875-7. [Ref.ID 81662]
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Goodyear MDE, Krleza-Jeric K, Lemmens T. The Declaration of Helsinki. BMJ 2007;335:624-5. [Ref.ID 81235]
Horton R. NICE vindicated in UK's High Court. Lancet 2007;370:547-8. [Ref.ID 80800]
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Anónimo. Merck loses another Vioxx case. BMJ 2006;332:990. [Ref.ID 76810]
Anónimo. Merck wins rofecoxib case. BMJ 2006;332:440. [Ref.ID 76235]
Dyer C. Patient takes her fight for trastuzumab to the High Court. BMJ 2006;332:320. [Ref.ID 76196]
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Benham B, Francis L. Revisiting the guiding principles of research ethics. Lancet 2006;367:387-8. [Ref.ID 76128]
Tanne JH. NEJM editor gives pretrial evidence in Vioxx case. BMJ 2006;332:255. [Ref.ID 76072]
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