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Godlee F. Withdraw approval for Tamiflu until NICE has full data. BMJ 2012;345:27. [Ref.ID 94247]
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Lenzer J. Belief not science is behind flu jab promotion, new report says. BMJ 2012;345:2-3. [Ref.ID 94131]
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Kmietowicz Z. Researcher calls for Roche to be sued to release data on oseltamivir. BMJ 2012;345:2. [Ref.ID 94077]
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Anónimo. Uptake of flu vaccine is slow. BMJ 2012;345:4. [Ref.ID 94036]
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Godlee F. Clinical trial data for all drugs in current use. BMJ 2012;345:7. [Ref.ID 94000]
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Anónimo. Influenza vaccine for 2012-2013. Med Lett Drugs Ther 2012;54:77-8. [Ref.ID 93825]
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Anónimo. 2011-12 flu consultations lowest on record. BMJ 2012;344:4. [Ref.ID 93294]
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Anónimo. FDA expands oseltamivir indication to treat infants. DIA Daily 2012:26 de diciembre. [Ref.ID 93289]
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Yong E. TRIALS AT THE READY. Preparing for the next pandemic. BMJ 2012;344:21-3. [Ref.ID 93218]
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Pasternak B, Svanström H, Molgaard-Nielsen D, Krause TG, Emborg H-D, Melbye M, Hviid A. Vaccination against pandemic A/H1N1 2009 influenza in pregnancy and risk of fetal death: cohort study in Denmark. BMJ 2012;344:17. [Ref.ID 92998]
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Knight M, Lim B. Immunisation against influenza during pregnancy. BMJ 2012;344:9. [Ref.ID 92996]
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Nair H, Brooks WA, Katz M, Roca A, Berkley JA, Madhi SA, Simmerman JM, Gordon A, Sato M, Howie S, Krishnan A, Ope M, Lindblade KA, Carosone-Link P, Lucero M, Ochieng W, Kamimoto L, Dueger E, Bhat N, Vong S, Theodoratou E, Chittaganpitch M, Chimah O, Balmaseda A, Buchy P, Harris E, Evans V, Katayose M, Gaur B, O'Callaghan-Gordo C, Goswami D, Arvelo W, Venter M, Briese T, Tokarz R, Widdowson MA, Mounts AW, Breiman RF, Feikin DR, Klugman KP, Olsen SJ, Gessner BD, Wright PF, Rudan I, Broor S, Simoes EAF, Campbell H. Global burden of respiratory infections due to seasonal influenza in young children: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet 2011;378:1917-30. [Ref.ID 91908]
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Zambon M. Assessment of the burden of influenza in children. Lancet 2011;378:1897-8. [Ref.ID 91905]
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Anónimo. More evidence needed on giving flu jab to children. BMJ 2011;343:1072. [Ref.ID 91851]
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Anónimo. At-risk groups slow to take up flu jab. BMJ 2011;343:968. [Ref.ID 91820]
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Verity C, Stellitano L, Winstone AM, Andrews N, Stowe J, Miller E. Guillain-Barré syndrome and H1N1 influenza vaccine in UK children. Lancet 2011;378:1545-6. [Ref.ID 91770]
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Pressanis AM, Pebody RG, Paterson BJ, Tom BDM, Birrell PJ, Charlett A, Lipsitch M, de Angelis D. Changes in severity of 2009 pandemic A/H1N1 influenza in England: a Bayesian evidence synthesis. BMJ 2011;343:d5408. [Ref.ID 91475]
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