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Raguideau F, Lemaitre M, Dray-Spira R, Zureik M. Association between oral fluoroquinolone use and retinal detachment. Jama Ophthalmol 2016;134:415-21. [Ref.ID 100208]
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Inghammar M, Svanström H, Melbye M, Pasternak B, Hviid A. Oral fluoroquinolone use and serious arrhythmia: bi-national cohort study. BMJ 2016;352:i843. [Ref.ID 100141]
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Daneman N, Lu H, Redelmeier DA. Fluoroquinolones and collagen associated severe adverse events: a longitudinal cohort stuy. BMJ Open 2015;5:e010077. [Ref.ID 100135]
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Anónimo. QT interval and drug therapy. Drug Ther Bull 2016;54:33-6. [Ref.ID 100134]
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Barrera CM, Mykietiuk A, Metev H, Nitu MF, Karimjee N, Doreski PA, Mitha I, Tanaseanu CM, Molina JM, Antonovsky Y, Van Rensburg J, Rowe BH, Flores-Figueroa J, Rewerska B, Clark K, Keedy K, Sheets A, Scott D, Horwith G, Das AF, Jamieson B, Fernandes P, Oldach D, for the SOLITAIRE-ORAL Pneumonia Team. Efficacy and safety of oral solithromycin versus oral moxifloxacin for treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia: a global, double-blind, multicentre, randomised, active-controlled, non-inferiority trial (SOLITAIRE-ORAL). The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2016;16:421-30. [Ref.ID 99992]
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Ross JS. Global drug safety insights from Taiwan. JAMA Intern Med 2015;175:Noviembre. [Ref.ID 99549]
28.Tiene citas relacionadas Cita con resumen
Lee CC, Lee MG, Chen YS, Lee SH, Chen Y-S, Chen SC, Chang SC. Risk of aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm in patients taking oral fluoroquinolone. JAMA Intern Med 2015;175:noviembre. [Ref.ID 99548]
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Li B-Z, Threapleton DE, Wang JY, Xu J-M, Yuan J-Q, Zhang C, Li P, Ye Q-L, Guo B, Mao C, Ye DQ. Comparative effectiveness and tolerance of treatments for Helicobacter pylori: systematic review and network meta-analysis. BMJ 2015;351:h4052. [Ref.ID 99413]
30. Cita con resumen
Dahle UR, Ulstad C, Berg S. Norwegian public health investigation shows that antibiotic resistance concerns us all. BMJ 2015;351:h4055. [Ref.ID 99401]
31. Cita con resumen
Kaji AH, Lewis RJ. Noninferiority trials: is a new treatment almost as effective as another?. JAMA 2015;313:2371-2. [Ref.ID 99295]
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Salminen P, Paajanen H, Rautio T, Nordström P, Aarnio M, Rantanen T, Tuominen R, Hurme S, Virtanen J, Mecklin J-P, Sand J, Jartti A, Rinta-Kiikka I, Grönroos JM. Antibiotic therapy vs appendectomy for treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis: the APPAC randomized clinical trial. JAMA 2015;313:2340-8. [Ref.ID 99294]
33.Tiene citas relacionadas Cita con resumen
Livingston EH, Vons C. Treating appendicitis without surgery. JAMA 2015;313:2327-8. [Ref.ID 99293]
35.Tiene citas relacionadas Cita con resumen
Chan JF-W, Yuen K-Y. A new ASPECT for complicated urinary tract infections. Lancet 2015;385:1920-2. [Ref.ID 99150]
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Postma DF, van Werkhoven CH, van Elden LJR, Thijsen SFT, Hoepelman AIM, Kluytmans JAJW, Boersma WG, Compaijen CJ, van der Wall E, Prins JM, Oosterheert JJ, Bonten MJM, for the CAP-START Study Group. Antibiotic treatment strategies for community-acquired pneumonia in adults. N Engl J Med 2015;372:1312-23. [Ref.ID 99003]
37. Cita con resumen
Anónimo. Ciprofloxacine + dexaméthasone. Prescrire 2015;35:7. [Ref.ID 98894]
38. Cita con resumen
Antoniou T, Hollands S, Macdonald EM, Gomes T, Mamdani MM, Juurlink DN, Canadian Drug Safety and Effectiveness Research Network.. Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole and risk of sudden death among patients taking spironolactone. Can Med Assoc J 2015;187:E138-143. [Ref.ID 98851]
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Fralick M, Macdonald EM, Gomes T, Antoniou T, Hollands S, Mamdani MM, Juurlink DN, for the Canadian Drug Safety and Effectiveness Research Network (CDSERN). Co-trimoxazole and sudden death in patients receiving inhibitors of renin-angiotensin system: population based study. BMJ 2014;349:g6196. [Ref.ID 98361]
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Etminan M, Brophy JM. Antibiotics and sudden death in adults taking renin-angiotensin system blockers. BMJ 2014;349:g6242. [Ref.ID 98356]
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