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Gelles D. La difícil tarea de transportar una vacuna que debe estar a 80 grados Celsius bajo cero. N Y Times (Print) 2020:21 de septiembre. [Ref.ID 103767]
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Gedeborg R, Svennblad B, Holm L, Sjögren H, Bardage C, Personne M, Sjöberg G, Feltelius N, Zethelius B. Increased availability of paracetamol in Sweden and incidence of paracetamol poisoning: using laboratory data to increase validity of a population-based registry study. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2017;26:518-27. [Ref.ID 101958]
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Anónimo. Many drugs retain potency well after expiration date, researchers find. DIA Daily 2017:5. [Ref.ID 101911]
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Anónimo. Implications of religious and cultural beliefs on selection of medicines. Drug Ther Bull 2016;54:45-8. [Ref.ID 100172]
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Anónimo. Drugs past their expiration date. JAMA 2016;315:510-1. [Ref.ID 100021]
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Anónimo. Drugs past their expiration date. Med Lett Drugs Ther 2015;57:164-5. [Ref.ID 99690]
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McCarthy M. Novartis agrees to pay $390m in US kickback case. BMJ 2015;351:h5784. [Ref.ID 99637]
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Herman AO. First 3-D printed drug product approved. Journal Watch 2015:1. [Ref.ID 99373]
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Anónimo. Oral diclofenac: prescription-only in United Kingdom. United Kingdom . WHO Drug Information 2015;29:14. [Ref.ID 98951]
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Anónimo. Oral diclofenac no longer available OTC. Drug Ther Bull 2015;53:14-7. [Ref.ID 98777]
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Guinovart MC, Figueras A, Llop JC, Llor C. Obtaining antibiotics without prescription in Spain in 2014: even easier now than 6 years ago. . J Antimicrob Chemother 2015;70:1270-1. [Ref.ID 98714]
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Kesselheim AS, Bykov K, Avorn J, Tong A, Doherty M, Choudhry NK. Burden of changes in pill appearance for patients receiving generic cardiovascular medications after myocardial infarction: cohort and nested case - control studies. Ann Intern Med 2014;161:96-103. [Ref.ID 97814]
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Anónimo. Tablet splitting. JAMA 2014;311:521. [Ref.ID 97095]
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van Riet-Nales DA, de Neef BJ, Schobben AF, Ferreira JA, Egberts TC, Rademaker CM. Acceptability of different oral formulations in infants and preschool children. Arch Dis Child 2013;98:725-31. [Ref.ID 95954]
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Shine KL. Patient safety strategies: a call for physician leadership. Ann Intern Med 2013;158:353-4. [Ref.ID 95835]
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