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Anónimo. FDA approves first hydrocodone-only painkiller. DIA Daily 2013:28 de octubre. [Ref.ID 96252]
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Trilla A. Seguridad y efectividad de la vacuna antigripal: nuevos datos, nuevos retos. Med Clin (Barc) 2013;141:67-9. [Ref.ID 95764]
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Doshi P. Influenza vaccines: time for a rethink. JAMA Intern Med 2013;173:1014-6. [Ref.ID 95613]
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Smith RM, Schaefer MK, Kainer MA, Wise M, Finks J, Duwe J, Fontaine E, Chu A, Carothers B, Reilly A, Fiedler J, Wiese AD, Feaster C, Gibson L, Griese S, Purfield A, Cleveland AA, Benedict K, Harris JR, Brandt ME, Blau D, Jernigan J, Weber JT, Benjamin J. Fungal infections associated with contaminated methylprednisolone injections - Preliminary report. N Engl J Med 2012;367:1. [Ref.ID 94269]
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Kainer MA, Reagan DR, Nguyen DB, Wiese AD, Wise ME, Ward J, Park BJ, Kanago ML, Baumblatt J, Schaefer MK, Berger BE, Marder EP, Min J-Y, Dunn JR, Smith RM, Dreyzehner J, Jones TF, for the Tennessee Fungal Meningitis Investigation Team. Fungal infections associated with contaminated methylprednisolone in Tennessee. N Engl J Med 2012;367:2194-203. [Ref.ID 94188]
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Anónimo. Meningitis outbreak spreads to 19th state. DIA Daily 2012:30 de octubre. [Ref.ID 93158]
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Anónimo. Federal agencies confirm meningitis outbreak source. DIA Daily 2012:19 de octubre. [Ref.ID 93142]
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Gandhi NR, Nunn P, Dheda K, Schaaf HS, Zignol M, van Soolingen D, Jensen P, Bayona J. Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis: a threat to global control of tuberculosis. Lancet 2010;375:1830-43. [Ref.ID 88539]
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Lönnroth K, Castro KG, Chakaya JM, Chauhan LS, Floyd K, Glaziou P, Raviglione MC. Tuberculosis control and elimination 2010-50: cure, care, and social development. Lancet 2010;375:1814-29. [Ref.ID 88538]
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Ghebreyesus TA, Kazatchkine M, Sidibé M, Nakatani H. Tuberculosis and HIV: time for an intensified response. Lancet 2010;375:1757-8. [Ref.ID 88537]
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Miller E, Hoschler K, Hardelid P, Stanford E, Andrews N, Zambon M. Incidence of 2009 pandemic influenza A H1N1 infection in England: a cross-sectional serological study. Lancet 2010;375:1100-8. [Ref.ID 88181]
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Reed C, Katz JM. Serological survey for 2009 pandemic influenza A H1N1. Lancet 2010;375:1062-3. [Ref.ID 88172]
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Cowling BJ, Chan KH, Fang VJ, Cheng CK, Fung RO, Wai W, Sin J, Seto WH, Chu DW, Chiu BC, Lee HC, Uyeki TM, Houck PM, Peiris JS, Leung GM. Facemasks and hand hygiene to prevent influenza transmission in households: a cluster randomized trial. Ann Intern Med 2009;151:437-46. [Ref.ID 87062]
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Doshi P. How should we plan for pandemics?. BMJ 2009;339:603-5. [Ref.ID 86754]
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Kao SL, Chan CL, Lim CCT, Dalan R, Gardner D, Pratt E, Lee M, Lee KO. An unusual outbreak of hypoglycemia. N Engl J Med 2009;360:734-6. [Ref.ID 85252]
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Busse F, Omidi L, Windgassen M, Kluge E, Stumvoll M. Lead poisoning due to adulterated marijuana. N Engl J Med 2008;358:1641-2. [Ref.ID 82643]
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Anónimo. Nigeria files for extradition of drug trial officials. BMJ 2008;336:350. [Ref.ID 82215]
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Alderman MH. Estimation of death rates from pandemic influenza. Authors' reply. Lancet 2007;369:740. [Ref.ID 79413]
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Murray CJL, López AD, Chin B, Feehan D, Hill KH. Estimation of death rates from pandemic influenza. Authors' reply. Lancet 2007;369:739-40. [Ref.ID 79412]
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