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Wen H, Hockenberry JM. Association of medical and adult-use marijuana laws with opioid prescribing for Medicaid enrollees . JAMA Intern Med 2018:2 de abril. [Ref.ID 102494]
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Bradford AC, Bradford WD, Abraham A, Bagwell Adams G. Association between US state medical cannabis laws and opioid prescribing in the Medicare Part D population. JAMA Intern Med 2018:2 de abril. [Ref.ID 102493]
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Hill KP, Saxon AJ. The role of cannabis legalization in the opioid crisis. JAMA Intern Med 2018:2 de abril. [Ref.ID 102492]
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Fleischman W, Agrawal S, King M, Venkatesh AK, Krumholz HM, McKee D, Brown D, Ross JS. Association between payments from manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to physicians and regional prescribing: cross sectional ecological study. BMJ 2016;354:i4189. [Ref.ID 100605]
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Etxebarria-Foronda I. Incidencia de la fractura de cadera en España. Med Clin (Barc) 2015;145:482-4. [Ref.ID 99780]
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Azagra R, López-Expósito F, Martin-Sánchez J, Aguyé-Batista A, Gabriel-Escoda P, Zwart M, Díaz-Herrera MA, Pujol-Salud J, Iglesias-Martínez M, Puchol-Ruiz N. Incidencia de la fractura de fémur en España (1997-2010). Med Clin (Barc) 2015;145:465-70. [Ref.ID 99699]
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Lu CY, Soumerai SB, for the US Mental Health Network. Changes in antidepressant use by young people and suicidal behavior after FDA warnings and media coverage: quasi-experimental study. BMJ 2014;348:g3596. [Ref.ID 98050]
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Geddes JR, Cipriani A, Horne R. Communicating the harmful effects of medicines. BMJ 2014;348:g4047. [Ref.ID 98049]
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Hampton LM, Daubresse M, Chang HY, Alexander C, Budnitz DS. Emergency department visits by adults for psychiatric medication adverse events. JAMA Psychiatry 2014;71:1006-14. [Ref.ID 97739]
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Briggs ADM, Mizdrak A, Scarborough P. A statin a day keeps the doctor away: comparative proverb assessment modelling study. BMJ 2013;347:12-3. [Ref.ID 96740]
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Tomlinson LA, Abel GA, Chaudhry AN, Tomson CR, Wilkinson IB, Roland MO, Payne RA. ACE inhibitor and angiotensin receptor-II antagonist prescribing and hospital admissions with acute kidney injury: a longitudinal ecological study . PLOS ONE 2013:6 de noviembre. [Ref.ID 96288]
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Messerli FH. Chocolate consumption, cognitive function, and Nobel laureates. N Engl J Med 2012;367:1562-4. [Ref.ID 93892]
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Lang T, Rayner G. Ecological public health. The 21st century's bid idea?. BMJ 2012;345:17-20. [Ref.ID 93719]
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Wilkinson R, Pickett K, De Vogli R. Equality, sustainability, and quality of life. BMJ 2010;341:1138-40. [Ref.ID 89720]
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Leslie WD, O'Donnell S, Jean S, Lagacé C, Walsh P, Bancej C, Morin S, Hanley DA, Papaioannou A, for the Osteoporosis Surveillance Expert Working Group. Trends in hip fracture rates in Canada. JAMA 2009;302:883-9. [Ref.ID 86629]
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Zahl PH, Maehlen J, Welch HG. In reply. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:1000. [Ref.ID 86050]
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Jatoi I, Anderson WF. Breast cancer overdiagnosis with screening mammography. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:999-1000. [Ref.ID 86049]
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Chu DZJ. Unaccounted breast cancers do not infer regression of tumors. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:999. [Ref.ID 86048]
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Hanigan MH. Possible role of mammography in increased incidence of breast cancer not considered. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:998. [Ref.ID 86047]
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Kalager M, Brettha M. Spontaneous regression of invasive breast cancer: does this study answer the question?. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:997. [Ref.ID 86046]
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