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Gorelick DA. The effects of cannabis among adults with chronic pain. Ann Intern Med 2018;168:525. [Ref.ID 102602]
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Nugent SM, Morasco BJ, O'Neil ME, Freeman M, Low A, Kondo K, Elven C, Zakher B, Motu'apuaka M, Paynter R, Kansagara D. The effects of cannabis among adults with chronic pain and an overview of general harms: a systematic review. Ann Intern Med 2017;167:319-31. [Ref.ID 102022]
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Hoffman EM, Watson JC, St Sauver J, Staff NP, Klein CJ. Association of long-term opioid therapy with functional status, adverse outcomes, and mortality among patients with polyneuropathy. JAMA Neurology 2017;74:773-9. [Ref.ID 101593]
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Attal N, Barrot M. Is pregabalin ineffective in acute or chronic sciatica?. N Engl J Med 2017;376:1169-70. [Ref.ID 101504]
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Mathieson S, Chiro M, Maher CG, LcLachlan AJ, Latimer J, Koes BW, Hancock MJ, Harris I, Day RO, Billot L, Pik J, Jan S, Lin C-WC. Trial of pregabalin for acute and chronic sciatica. N Engl J Med 2017;376:1111-20. [Ref.ID 101483]
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Wong J, Motulski A, Abrahamowicz M, McGill J, Eguale T, Buckeridge DL, Tamblyn R. Off-label indications for antidepressants in primary care: descriptive study of prescriptions from an indication based electronic prescribing system. BMJ 2017;356:j603. [Ref.ID 101417]
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Morales DR, Guthrie B. Off-label prescribing of antidepressants. BMJ 2017;356:j849. [Ref.ID 101416]
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Castillo-Álvarez F, Hernando de la Bárcena I, Marzo-Sola ME. Toxina botulínica en la neuralgia del trigémino. Med Clin (Barc) 2017;148:28-32. [Ref.ID 101340]
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Anónimo. Capsaïcine et douleurs neuropathiques diabétiques. Prescrire 2016;36:734-6. [Ref.ID 100890]
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Anónimo. Pfizer loses UK appeal over pregabalin patent dispute. DIA Daily 2016:1. [Ref.ID 100808]
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Baftiu A, Landmark CJ, Rusten IR, Feet SA, Johannessen SI, Larsson PG. Changes in utilisation of antiepileptic drugs in epilepsy and non-epilepsy disorders - A pharmacoepidemiological study and clinical implications. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2016;72:1245-54. [Ref.ID 100799]
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Anónimo. What role for capsaicin in diabetic peripheral neuropathy?. Drug Ther Bull 2016;54:90-3. [Ref.ID 100650]
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Basler MH, Keeley PW. WHO analgesic ladder gone astray: wider implications. BMJ 2016;352:i589. [Ref.ID 100044]
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Guiloff RJ, Angus-Leppan J. WHO analgesic ladder and chronic pain: the need to search for treatable causes. BMJ 2016;352:i597. [Ref.ID 100043]
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Anónimo. Benefits and harms of drugs for "neuropathic pain". Therapeutics Letter 2015:96. [Ref.ID 99786]
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Andreae MH, Carter GM, Shaparin N, Suslov K, Ellis RJ, Ware MA, Abrams DI, Prasad H, Wilsey B, Indyk D, Johnson M, Sacks HS. Inhaled cannabis for chronic neuropathic pain: an individual patient data meta-analysis. The Journal of Pain 2015;16:1221-32. [Ref.ID 99552]
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Kmietowicz Z. Pfizer loses UK patent for blockbuster pain drug after threats to doctors. BMJ 2015;351:h4918. [Ref.ID 99540]
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Gwynn J. Pregabalin is only partially effective for neuropathic pain. BMJ 2015;350:h3478. [Ref.ID 99221]
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Jack A. Pfizer steps up battle to defend control of pregabalin. BMJ 2015;350:h3119. [Ref.ID 99190]
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