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Parsons L. EMA calls for pooled EU research into COVID-19 therapies. PMLiVE 2020:19 de marzo. [Ref.ID 103556]
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Agarwal A, Ioannidis JPA. PREDIMED trial of Mediterranean diet: retracted, republished, still trusted?. BMJ 2019;364:7 de febrero. [Ref.ID 103032]
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Savovic J, Jones HE, Altman DG, Harris RJ, Jüni P, Pidal J, Als-Nielsen B, Balk EM, Gluud C, Gluud LL, Ioannidis JPA, Schulz KF, Beynon R, Welton NJ, Wood L, Moher D, Deeks JJ, Sterne JAC. Influence of reported study design characteristics on intervention effect estimates from randomized, controlled trials. Ann Intern Med 2012;157:429-38. [Ref.ID 93767]
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Eldridge S, Kerry S, Torgerson DJ. Bias in identifying and recruiting participants in cluster randomised trials: what can be done?. BMJ 2010;340:36-9. [Ref.ID 87670]
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Anónimo. Understanding statistical terms: 3. Drug Ther Bull 2009;47:59-60. [Ref.ID 85827]
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Preference Collaborative Review Group. Patients' preferences within randomised trials: systematic review and patient level meta-analysis. BMJ 2009;338:85-8. [Ref.ID 84992]
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Vandenbroucke JP. What is the best evidence for determining harms of medical treatment?. Can Med Assoc J 2006;174:645-6. [Ref.ID 84676]
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Papanikolaou PN, Christidi GD, Ioannidis JPA. Comparison of evidence on harms of medical interventions in randomized and nonrandomized studies. Can Med Assoc J 2006;174:635-41. [Ref.ID 84675]
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Murray DM, Pals SL, Blitstein JL, Alfano CM, Lehman J. Design and analysis of group-randomized trials in cancer: a review of current practices. J Natl Cancer Inst 2008;100:483-91. [Ref.ID 81991]
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Hackam DG. Translating animal research into clinical benefit. BMJ 2007;334:163-4. [Ref.ID 79001]
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Gross CP, Krumholz HM, Van Wye G, Wendler D. Does random treatment assignment cause harm to research participants?. PLOS Medicine 2006;3:188. [Ref.ID 77176]
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Hewitt C, Hahn S, Torgerson DJ, Watson J, Bland JM. Adequacy and reporting of allocation concealment: review of recent trials published in four general medical journals. BMJ 2005;330:1057-8. [Ref.ID 77115]
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Altman DG, for the CONSORT Group. Endorsement of the CONSORT statement by high impact medical journals: survey of instructions for authors. BMJ 2005;330:1056-7. [Ref.ID 77114]
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Moja LP, Telaro E, D'Amico R, Moschetti I, Coe L, Liberati A, on behalf of the Metaquality Study Group. Assessment of methodological quality of primary studies by systematic reviews: results of the metaquality study cross sectional study. BMJ 2005;330:1053-5. [Ref.ID 77113]
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Pildal J, Chan AW, Hróbjartsson A, Forfang E, Altman DG, Gotzsche PC. Comparison of descriptions of allocation concealment in trial protocols and the published reports: cohort study. BMJ 2005;330:1049-52. [Ref.ID 77112]
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Jackson R, Broad J, Connor J, Wells S. Alcohol and ischaemic heart disease: probably no free lunch. Lancet 2005;366:1911-2. [Ref.ID 75625]
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Shang AB, Huwiler-Müntener K, Nartey L, Jüni P, Dörig S, Sterne JA, Pewsner D, Egger M. Are the clinical effects of homoeopathy placebo effects? Comparative study of placebo-controlled trials of homoeopathy and allopathy. Lancet 2005;366:726-32. [Ref.ID 74685]
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Chan AW, Altman DG. Epidemiology and reporting of randomised trials published in PubMed journals. Lancet 2005;365:1159-62. [Ref.ID 73234]
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Vandenbroucke JP. When are observational studies as credible as randomised trials?. Lancet 2004;363:1728-31. [Ref.ID 70182]
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