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Wen H, Hockenberry JM. Association of medical and adult-use marijuana laws with opioid prescribing for Medicaid enrollees. JAMA Intern Med 2018;178:mayo. [Ref.ID 102740]
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Ramaekers JG. Driving under the influence of cannabis. An increasing public health concern. JAMA 2018;319:10 de abril. [Ref.ID 102668]
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Reuters Staff. Portugal's parliament legalizes cannabis-based medicines. REUTERS 2018:15 de junio. [Ref.ID 102663]
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Kapp C. Swiss debate whether to legalise cannabis. Lancet 2003;362:970. [Ref.ID 67455]
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Anónimo. The Netherlands first to sell cannabis on prescription. Scrip 2003;2882:4. [Ref.ID 67308]
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Anónimo. Senate says no to therapeutic cannabis in Spain. Scrip 2001;2688:7. [Ref.ID 58911]
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Kondro W. Medicinal marijuana users in Canada must carry identification cards. Lancet 2001;358:220. [Ref.ID 58122]
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Anónimo. UK cannabis trial signs up MS patients. Scrip 2001;2677:4. [Ref.ID 58010]
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Anónimo. Canadian guidelines for medicinal marijuana. Scrip 2001;2660:17. [Ref.ID 57722]
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Kondro W. Canadian court tells government to relax marijuana law for patients. Lancet 2000;356:575. [Ref.ID 53708]
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Sheldon T. Cannabis use falls among Dutch youth. BMJ 2000;321:655. [Ref.ID 52821]
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