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Valles-Colomer M, Falongy G, Darzi Y, Tigchelaar EF, Wang J, Tito RY, Schiweck C, Kurilshikov A, Joossens M, Wijmenga C, Claes S, Van Oudenhove L, Zhernakova A, Vieira-Silva S, Raes J. The neuroactive potential of the human gut microbiota in quality of life and depression. Nat Microbiol 2019:4 de febrero. [Ref.ID 103027]
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Gellad WF, Thorpe CT, Steiner JF, Voils CI. The myths of medication adherence. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2017;27:diciembre. [Ref.ID 102186]
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de Boissieu P, Kanagaratnam L, Mahmoudi R, Morel A, Dramé M, Trenque T. Adjudication of osteonecrosis of the jaw in phase III randomized controlled trials of denosumab: a systematic review. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2017;73:517-23. [Ref.ID 101992]
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Novoa A. Medicina personalizada: mitos, ciencia “low cost” e intereses. NoGracias 2016:1. [Ref.ID 100860]
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Aronson J. When I use a word... Safety. BMJ 2015;351:h3521. [Ref.ID 99245]
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Aronson J. Safety. BMJ 2015;351:h3521. [Ref.ID 99243]
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Aronson JK, Hauben M, Bate A. Defining "surveillance" in drug safety. Drug Saf 2012;35:347-57. [Ref.ID 92783]
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Garattini S. Time to revisit the orphan drug law. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2012;68:113. [Ref.ID 92325]
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Anónimo. A guide to health economic evaluations. Drug Ther Bull 2010;48:105-8. [Ref.ID 89279]
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Watts G. Lost without translation?. BMJ 2010;341:428-9. [Ref.ID 89257]
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Anónimo. Rheumatoid arthritis: new guidelines open new doors. Lancet 2010;376:566. [Ref.ID 89165]
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Law R. There was also no new subtype. BMJ 2010;341:8. [Ref.ID 88799]
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Chan M. WHO director-general replies to the BMJ. BMJ 2010;341:7. [Ref.ID 88798]
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Laurell AC, Herrera JR. What happened in Mexico. BMJ 2010;341:7. [Ref.ID 88797]
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Aronson JK. A manifesto for clinical pharmacology from principles to practice. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2010;70:3-13. [Ref.ID 88651]
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Somogyi A, Loke YK, Ferro A, Lewis LD, Cohen AF, Ritter JM. Clinical pharmacology: a declaration of intent. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2010;70:1-2. [Ref.ID 88650]
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Strang J, Metrebian N, Lintzeris N, Potts L, Carnwath T, Mayet S, Williams H, Zador D, Evers R, Groshkova T, Charles V, Martin A, Forzisi L. Supervised injectable heroin or injectable methadone versus optimised oral methadone as treatment for chronic heroin addicts in England after persistent failure in orthodox treatment (RIOTT): a randomised trial. Lancet 2010;375:1885-95. [Ref.ID 88607]
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Kerr T, Montaner JSG, Wood E. Science and politics of heroin prescription. Lancet 2010;375:1849-50. [Ref.ID 88602]
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Doshi P. More changing webpages at WHO. BMJ 2010;340:1904. [Ref.ID 88292]
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