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Waxmonsky JG, Pelham W 3rd, Campa A, Waschbusch DA, Li T, Marshall R, Babocsai L, Humphery H, Gnagy E, Swanson J, Hanc T, Fallahazad N, Pelham WE 4th. A randomized controlled trial of interventions for growth suppression in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder treated with central nervous system stimulants. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2019:29 de agosto. [Ref.ID 103191]
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Newman CB, Preiss D, Tobert JA, Jacobson TA, Page II RL, Goldstein LB, Chin C, Tannock LR, Miller M, Raghuveer G, Duell PB, Brinton EA, Pollak A, Braun LT, Welty FK. Statin safety and associated adverse events: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 2019;39:enero. [Ref.ID 103011]
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Roth DE, Morris SK, Zlotkin S, Gernand AD, Ahmed T, Shanta SS, Papp E, Korsiak J, Shi J, Islam MM, Jahan I, Keya FK, Willan AR, Weksberg R, Mohsin M, Rahman QS, Shah PS, Murphy KE, Stimec J, Pell LG, Qamar H, Al Mahmud A. Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy and lactation and infant growth. N Engl J Med 2018;379:9 de agosto. [Ref.ID 102768]
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Kelly HW, Sternberg AL, Lescher R, Fuhlbrigge AL, Williams P, Zeiger RS, Raissy HH, Van Natta ML, Tonascia J, Strunk RC, for the CAMP Research Group. Effect of inhaled glucocorticoids in childhood on adult height. N Engl J Med 2012;367:904-12. [Ref.ID 93733]
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Anónimo. Somatropin-containing medicines - Positive benefit risk balanced confirmed. Europe. WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter 2012;1:14. [Ref.ID 92205]
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Charach A, Dashti B, Carson P, Booker L, Lim CG, Lillie E, Yeung E, Ma J, Raina P, Schachar R. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Effectiveness of treatment in at-risk preschoolers; long-term effectiveness in all ages; and variability in prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment. Comparative Effectiveness Review 2011:octubre. [Ref.ID 91699]
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Albertsson-Wikland K. Growth hormone in children with idiopathic short stature. BMJ 2011;342:607-8. [Ref.ID 91236]
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Kumar GT, Sachdev HS, Chellani H, Rehman AM, Singh V, Arora H, Filteau S. Effect of weekly vitamin D supplements on mortality, morbidity, and growth of low birthweight term infants in India up to age 6 months: randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2011;342:1294. [Ref.ID 90950]
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Makrides M, Gibson RA, McPhee AJ, Yelland L, Quinlivan J, Ryan P, and the DOMInO Investigative Team. Effect of DHA supplementation during pregnancy on maternal depression and neurodevelopment of young children. A randomized controlled trial. JAMA 2010;304:1675-83. [Ref.ID 89530]
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Anónimo. Trastorns dentals induïts per fàrmacs. Butlletí de Farmacovigilància de Catalunya 2009;7:1-3. [Ref.ID 85602]
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Anónimo. Enrichir sa panoplie thérapeutique. Bilan de l'année 2008. Pédiatrie. Prescrire 2009;29:49-50. [Ref.ID 84824]
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Olsen J, Bech BH. Caffeine intake during pregnancy. BMJ 2008;337:1305-6. [Ref.ID 84651]
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Calabrese EJ. Hormesis and medicine. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2008;66:594-617. [Ref.ID 84392]
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Anónimo. Somatropine: tumeurs et diabètes. Prescrire 2008;28:430. [Ref.ID 83098]
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Anónimo. Preconception care for women with diabetes. Diabetes Care 2008;46:36-40. [Ref.ID 82828]
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Swanson JM, Elliott GR, Greenhill LL, Wigal T, Arnold LE, Vitiello B, Hechtman L, Epstein JN, Pelham WE, Abikoff HB, Newcorn JH, Molina BSG, Hinshaw SP, Wells KC, Hoza B, Jensen PS, Gibbons RD, Hur K, Stehli A, Davies M, March JS, Conners CK, Caron M, Volkow ND. Effects of stimulant medication on growth rates across 3 years in the MTA follow-up. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry 2007;46:1015-27. [Ref.ID 81865]
Goldsby RE, Taggart DR, Ablin AR. Surviving childhood cancer: The impact on life. Pediatr Drugs 2006;8:71-84. [Ref.ID 76965]
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Gold DR, Fuhlbrigge AL. Inhaled corticosteroids for young children with wheezing. N Engl J Med 2006;354:2058-60. [Ref.ID 76956]
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