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Maier L, Pruteanu M, Kuhn M, Zeller G, Telzerow A, Anderson EE, Brochado AR, Fernandez KC, Dose H, Mori H, Patil KR, Bork P, Typas A. Extensive impact of non-antibiotic drugs on human gut bacteria. Nature 2018;555:29 de marzo. [Ref.ID 102577]
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Anónimo. Atteintes des ongles d'origine médicamenteuse. Prescrire 2014;34:191-4. [Ref.ID 97362]
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Rutherford GW. Antiretroviral therapy and sexually transmitted HIV infection. BMJ 2012;344:9. [Ref.ID 92609]
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Stevens AJ, Jensen JJ, Wyller K, Kilgore PC, Chatterjee S, Rohrbaugh ML. The role of public-sector research in the discovery of drugs and vaccines. N Engl J Med 2011;364:535-41. [Ref.ID 90172]
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Worm SW, Sabin C, Weber R, Reiss P, El-Sadr W, Dabis F, de Wit S, Law M, Monforte AD, Friis-Møller N, Kirk O, Fontas E, Weller I, Phillips A, Lundgren J. Risk of myocardial infarction in patients with HIV infection exposed to specific individual antiretroviral drugs from the 3 major drug classes: the data collection on adverse events of anti-HIV drugs (D:A:D) study. J Infect Dis 2010;201:318-30. [Ref.ID 87818]
Gross R, Tierney C, Andrade A, Lamala C, Rosenkranz S, Eshleman SH, Flamigan T, Santana J, Salomon N, Reisler R, Wiggins I, Hogg E, Flexner C, Mildvan D, for the AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5073 Study Team. Modified directly observed antiretroviral therapy compared with self-administered therapy in treatment-Naïve HIV-1-infected patients. A randomized trial. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:1224-32. [Ref.ID 86336]
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Roca B. Farmacogenómica de los antirretrovirales. Med Clin (Barc) 2009;132:268-71. [Ref.ID 85491]
Deeks SG, Phillips AN. HIV infection, antiretroviral treatment, ageing, and non-AIDS related morbidity. BMJ 2009;338:288-92. [Ref.ID 85162]
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Cutrell A, Brothers C, Yeo J, Hernández J, Lapierre D. Abacavir and the potential risk of myocardial infarction. Lancet 2008;371:1413. [Ref.ID 82736]
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Stein JH, Currier JS. Risk of myocardial infarction and nucleoside analogues. Lancet 2008;371:1391-2. [Ref.ID 82732]
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Cockburn S. Exceptional responses or TRIPS over red tape?. Lancet 2006;368:1063-4. [Ref.ID 78146]
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Gilks CF, Crowley S, Ekpini R, Gove S, Perriens J, Souteyrand Y, Sutherland D, Vitoria M, Guerma T, De Cock K. The WHO public-health approach to antiretroviral treatment against HIV in resource-limited settings. Lancet 2006;368:505-10. [Ref.ID 77659]
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Simon V, Ho DD, Karim QA. HIV/AIDS epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment. Lancet 2006;368:489-504. [Ref.ID 77658]
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Danel C, Moh R, Minga A, Anzian A, Ba-Gomis O, Kanga C, Nzunetu G, Gabillard D, Rouet F, Sorho S, Chaix ML, Eholié S, Menan H, Sauvageot D, Bissagnene E, Salamon R, Anglaret X, for the Trivacan ANR 1269 trial group. CD4-guided structured antiretroviral treatment interruption strategy in HIV-infected adults in west Africa (Trivacan ANRS 1269 trial): a randomised trial . Lancet 2006;367:1981-9. [Ref.ID 77234]
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Deeks SG. The risk of treatment versus the risk of HIV replication. Lancet 2006;367:1955-6. [Ref.ID 77229]
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Anónimo. Indian groups oppose GSK's Combivir patent. Scrip 2006;3146:16. [Ref.ID 76592]
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Anónimo. GSK surges ahead in 2005, but cautious on 2006. Scrip 2006;3131:8. [Ref.ID 76189]
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