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Brownlee S, Garber J. Overprescribed: High cost isn’t America’s only drug problem. STAT Daily Recap 2019:2 de abril. [Ref.ID 103070]
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Godlee F, Abbasi K, Bloom T. BMJ declares its revenues from industry. BMJ 2017;359:j4930. [Ref.ID 102109]
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Korenstein D, Keyhani S, Mendelson A, Ross JS. Adherence of pharmaceutical advertisements in medical journals to FDA guidelines and content for safe prescribing. PLoS One 2011;6:e23336. [Ref.ID 90979]
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Spurling GK, Mansfield PR, Montgomery BD, Lexchin J, Doust J, Othman N, Vitry AI. Information from pharmaceutical companies and the quality, quantity, and cost of physicians' prescribing: a systematic review. PLOS Medicine 2010;7:352. [Ref.ID 89239]
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Woloshin S, Schwartz LM. Does direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising do more harm than good? In response. Ann Intern Med 2009;151:824. [Ref.ID 87420]
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Vitry AI. Does direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising do more harm than good?. Ann Intern Med 2009;151:823-4. [Ref.ID 87419]
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Moynihan R. Canadian company demands right to publish drug adverts. BMJ 2009;338:1164. [Ref.ID 85890]
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Tanne JH. Bayer to spend $20m to correct misleading advertising. BMJ 2009;338:433. [Ref.ID 85327]
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Tiner R. The industry spokesman: current regulation is robust. BMJ 2009;338:328. [Ref.ID 85199]
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Krumholz HM, Ross JS. The academics in public health: we neeed explicit standards of conduct. BMJ 2009;338:326. [Ref.ID 85197]
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Faigen N. Lilly's settlement on Zyprexa with US states the largest ever. Scrip 2008;3405/06:32. [Ref.ID 84226]
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Charatan F. Merck to pay $58m in settlement over rofecoxib advertising. BMJ 2008;336:1208. [Ref.ID 83120]
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Medawar C. Direct to consumer advertising. A cynical consultation exercise?. BMJ 2008;336:787. [Ref.ID 82651]
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Anónimo. US FDA sets fee for DTC TV commercials. Scrip 2007;3320:12. [Ref.ID 81803]
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Anónimo. US consumer group urges FDA to halt Celebrex TV ad. Scrip 2007;3249/50:21. [Ref.ID 79796]
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Metzl JM. If direct-to-consumer advertisements come to Europe: lessons from the USA. Lancet 2007;369:704-6. [Ref.ID 79287]
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Anónimo. Merck & Co invents new syndrome - information deprivation. Scrip 2004;2983/84:5. [Ref.ID 71294]
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Anónimo. FDA still lax on drug advertising, says Waxman. Scrip 2004;2924:15. [Ref.ID 69065]
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