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Anónimo. A stool DNA test (Cologuard) for colorectal cancer screening. Med Lett Drugs Ther 2014;56:100-1. [Ref.ID 98236]
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Pollack A. F.D.A. panel recommends replacement for the Pap test . N Y Times (Print) 2014:12 de marzo. [Ref.ID 97518]
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Anónimo. FDA approves first human papillomavirus test for primary cervical cancer screening . U.S. Food and Drug Administration 2014:24 de abril. [Ref.ID 97455]
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Newmaster SG, Grguric M, Shanmughanandhan D, Ramalingam S, Ragupathy S. DNA barcoding detects contamination and substitution in North American herbal products. BMC Med 2013;11:222. [Ref.ID 96274]
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Anónimo. Supreme Court rules human genes cannot be patented. DIA Daily 2013:14 de junio. [Ref.ID 95627]
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Engel ME, Herbert SW. The enemy within: dormant retroviruses awaken. Nat Med 2010;16:517. [Ref.ID 88735]
7. Cita con resumen
Wilkinson A. Oligonucleotide therapeutics: the next big thing. Scrip Executive Briefing 2008;1:1-12. [Ref.ID 83341]
8. Cita con resumen
Manis JP. Knock out, knock in, knock down - genetically manipulated mice and the Nobel prize. N Engl J Med 2007;357:2426-9. [Ref.ID 81727]
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Watts G. The locked code. BMJ 2007;334:1032-3. [Ref.ID 80111]
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Giacomini KM, Krauss RM, Roden DM, Eichelbaum M, Hayden MR, Nakamura Y. When good drugs go bad. Nature 2007;446:26 de abril. [Ref.ID 80079]
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Dhallan R, Guo X, Emche S, Damewood M, Bayliss P, Cronin M, Barry J, Betz J, Franz K, Gold K, Vallecillo B, Varney J. A non-invasive test for prenatal diagnosis based on fetal DNA present in maternal blood: a preliminary study. Lancet 2007;369:474-81. [Ref.ID 79177]
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Macdougall IC, Eckardt KU. Novel strategies for stimulating erythropoiesis and potential new treatments for anaemia. Lancet 2006;368:947-53. [Ref.ID 77990]
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Hall IP, Blackey JD, Al Balushi KA, Wheatley A, Sayers I, Pembrey ME, Ring SM, McArdle WL, Strachan DP. ß2-adrenoceptor polymorphisms and asthma from childhood to middle age in the British 1958 birth cohort: a genetic association study. Lancet 2006;368:771-9. [Ref.ID 77958]
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Burton PR, Tobin MD, Hopper JL. Key concepts in genetic epidemiology. Lancet 2005;366:941-51. [Ref.ID 74801]
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Coupland R, Martin S, Dutli MT. Protecting everybody's genetic data. Lancet 2005;365:1754-6. [Ref.ID 73805]
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Pui C-H, Relling M V. Can the genotoxicity of chemotherapy be predicted?. Lancet 2004;364:917-8. [Ref.ID 71311]
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Bosch X. Spain to establish national genetic database. Lancet 2004;363:1044. [Ref.ID 69569]
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McBride W. Health of thalidomide victims and their progeny. Lancet 2004;363:169. [Ref.ID 68677]
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Bradbury J. Beyond pills and jabs. Lancet 2003;362:1984-5. [Ref.ID 68468]
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Pascali V L, Lago G, Dobosz M. The dark side of the UK National DNA Database. Lancet 2003;362:834. [Ref.ID 67351]
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