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Wang C, Schmid CH, Iversen MD, Harvey WF, Fielding RA, Driban JB, Price LL, Wong JB, Reid KF, Rones R, McAlindon T. Comparative effectiveness of tai chi versus physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis: a randomized trial. Ann Intern Med 2016;165:77-86. [Ref.ID 100432]
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Bannuru RR, McAlindon TE, Sullivan MC, Wong JB, Kent DM, Schmid CH. Effectiveness and Implications of alternative placebo treatments: A systematic review and network meta-analysis of osteoarthritis trials. Ann Intern Med 2015;163:365-72. [Ref.ID 99463]
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Bannuru RR, Schmid CH, Kent DM, Vaysbrot EE, Wong JB, McAlindon TE. Comparative effectiveness of pharmacologic interventions for knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review and network meta-analysis. Ann Intern Med 2015;162:46-54. [Ref.ID 98729]
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Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Dawson-Hughes B, Staehelin HB, Orav JE, Stuck AE, Theiler R, Wong JB, Egli A, Kiel DP, Henschkowski J. Fall prevention with supplemental and active forms of vitamin D: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. BMJ 2009;339:843-6. [Ref.ID 86919]
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Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Willett WC, Wong JB, Stuck AE, Staehelin HB, Orav EJ, Thoma A, Kiel DP, Henschkowski J. Prevention of nonvertebral fractures with oral vitamin D and dose dependency. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:551-61. [Ref.ID 85596]
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Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Willett WC, Wong JB, Giovannucci E, Dietrich T, Dawson-Hughes B. Fracture prevention with vitamin D supplementation. A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. JAMA 2005;293:2257-64. [Ref.ID 73711]
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Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Dawson-Hughes B, Willett WC, Staehelin HB, Bazemore MG, Zee RY, Wong JB. Effect of vitamin D on falls. A meta-analysis. JAMA 2004;291:1999-2006. [Ref.ID 69828]
Wong JB, Koff RS, for the International Hepatitis Interventional Therapy Group. Watchful waiting with periodic liver biopsy versus immediate empirical therapy for histologically mild chronic hepatitis C. Ann Intern Med 2000;133:665-75. [Ref.ID 53784]
Wong JB, McQuillan GM, McHutchison JG, Poynard T. Estimating future hepatitis C morbidity, mortality, and costs in the United States. Am J Public Health 2000;90:1562-9. [Ref.ID 52968]
Bennett WG, Inoue Y, Beck JR, Wong JB, Pauker S G, Davis GL. Estimates of the cost-effectiveness of a single course of interferon-alfa2b in patients with histologically mild chronic hepatitis C. Ann Intern Med 1997;127:855-65. [Ref.ID 35966]
Col NF, Eckman MH, Haras RH, Pauker S G, Goldberg RJ, Ross E M, Orr RK, Wong JB. Patient-specific decisions about hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women. JAMA 1997;277:1140-7. [Ref.ID 31913]
Wong JB, Koff RS, Tinè F, Pauker S G. Cost-effectiveness of interferon-alfa 2b treatment for hepatitis B and antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B. Ann Intern Med 1995;122:664-75. [Ref.ID 26420]
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Hunink MGM, Wong JB, Donaldson MC, Meyerovitz M F, De Vries J, Harrington DP. Revascularization for femoropopliteal disease. A decision and cost-effectiveness analysis. JAMA 1995;274:165-71. [Ref.ID 24507]
Eckman MH, Wong JB, Salem DN, Pauker S G. Direct angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction. A review of outcomes in clinical subjects. Ann Intern Med 1992;117:667-76. [Ref.ID 18303]
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