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Tricco AC, Thomas SM, Veroniki AA, Hamid JS, Cogo E, Strifler L, Khan PA, Robson R, Sibley KM, MacDonald H, Riva JJ, Thavorn K, Wilson C, Holroyd-Leduc J, Kerr GD, Feldman F, Majumdar SR, Jaglal SB, Hui W, Straus SE. Comparisons of interventions for preventing falls in older adults. A systematic review and meta-analysis. JAMA 2017;318:1687-99. [Ref.ID 102139]
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Tricco AC, Zarin W, Lillie E, Pham B, Straus SE. Utility of social media and crowd-sourced data for pharmacovigilance: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open 2017;7:e013474. [Ref.ID 101354]
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Tricco AC, Ashoor HM, Antony J, Beyene J, Veroniki AA, Isaranuwatchai W, Harrington A, Wilson C, Tsouros S, Soobiah C, Yu CH, Hutton B, Hoch JS, Hemmelgarn BR, Moher D, Majumdar SR, Straus SE. Safety, effectiveness, and cost effectiveness of long acting versus intermediate acting insulin for patients with type 1 diabetes: systematic review and network meta-analysis. BMJ 2014;349:g5459. [Ref.ID 98278]
4. Cita con resumen
Tricco AC, Soobiah C, Berliner S, Ho JM, Ng CH, Ashoor HM, Chen MH, Hemmelgarn B, Straus SE. Efficacy and safety of cognitive enhancers for patients with mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Can Med Assoc J 2013;185:1393-401. [Ref.ID 96118]
Holroyd-Leduc JM, Tannenbaum C, Thorpe KE, Straus SE. What type of urinary incontinence does this women have?. JAMA 2008;299:1446-56. [Ref.ID 82541]
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Ioannidis JPA, Ahmed T, Awasthi S, Clarfield AM, Clark J, Dandona L, Howe A, Lozano JM, Li Y, Madani H, Marusic A, Mohammed I, Purcell GP, Rhoads M, Sliwa-Hähnle K, Straus SE, Edejer TTT, Tugwell P, Ward R, Wilkes MS, Smith R. Open letter to the leaders of academic medicine. BMJ 2007;334:191-3. [Ref.ID 79010]
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Kramer BS, Willentz J, Alexander D, Burklow J, Friedman LM, Hodes R, Kirschstein R, Patterson A, Rodgers G, Straus SE. Getting it right: being smarter about clinical trials. PLOS Medicine 2006;3:144. [Ref.ID 77415]
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Oxman MN, Levin MJ, Johnson GR, Schmader KE, Straus SE, Gelb LD, et al.. A vaccine to prevent herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia in older adults. N Engl J Med 2005;352:2271-84. [Ref.ID 74007]
Straus SE, Jones G. What has evidence based medicine done for us?. BMJ 2004;329:987-9. [Ref.ID 71765]
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Straus SE. Pharmacotherapy of chronic fatigue syndrome. Another gallant attempt. JAMA 2004;292:1234. [Ref.ID 71239]
Kinsel JF, Straus SE. Complementary and alternative therapeutics: rigorous research is needed to support claims. Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol 2004;43:463-84. [Ref.ID 69473]
Straus SE. What's the E for EBM?. BMJ 2004;328:535-6. [Ref.ID 69324]
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Holroyd-Leduc JM, Straus SE. Management of urinary incontinence in women. Clinical applications. JAMA 2004;291:996-9. [Ref.ID 69216]
14.Tiene citas relacionadas Cita con resumen
Holroyd-Leduc JM, Straus SE. Management of urinary incontinence in women. Scientific review. JAMA 2004;291:986-95. [Ref.ID 69215]
Miller FG, Emanuel EJ, Rosenstein D L, Straus SE. Ethical issues concerning research in complementary and alternative medicine. JAMA 2004;291:599-604. [Ref.ID 69038]
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McAlister FA, Straus SE, Sackett DL, Altman DG. Analysis and reporting of factorial trials. A systematic review. JAMA 2003;289:2545-53. [Ref.ID 66346]
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Straus SE. Herbal medicines - what's in the bottle?. N Engl J Med 2002;347:1997-8. [Ref.ID 64493]
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Straus SE, Majumdar SR, McAlister FA. New evidence for stroke prevention. Clinical applications. JAMA 2002;288:1396-8. [Ref.ID 63416]
19.Tiene citas relacionadas
Straus SE, Majumdar SR, McAlister FA. New evidence for stroke prevention. Scientific review. JAMA 2002;288:1388-95. [Ref.ID 63415]
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Straus SE. Caring for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. BMJ 2002;324:124-5. [Ref.ID 60657]
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