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Sheldon T. GPs warned on accepting hospitality from drug companies. BMJ 2001;322:194. [Ref.ID 54983]
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Sheldon T. Cannabis use falls among Dutch youth. BMJ 2000;321:655. [Ref.ID 52821]
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Sheldon T. Netherlands faces measles epidemic. BMJ 2000;320:76. [Ref.ID 48730]
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Sheldon T. Viagra falls: the debate over rationing continues. Netherlands. BMJ 1998;317:837. [Ref.ID 40455]
Sheldon T. Meningitis B vaccine looks promising. BMJ 1998;317:770. [Ref.ID 40419]
Sheldon T. Drug promotion - how ethical is direct-to-consumer advertising?. Scrip Magazine 1998:21-2. [Ref.ID 38935]
Sheldon T. Looking at marijuana from a medicinal perspective. Scrip Magazine 1998:6-7. [Ref.ID 38220]
Sheldon T. Dutch and Swiss support heroin on prescription. BMJ 1997;315:835. [Ref.ID 35295]
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Sheldon T. Medicinal marijuana provided at cost price. BMJ 1997;315:504. [Ref.ID 34759]
Sheldon T. Dutch agree budget for expensive anticancer drugs. BMJ 1997;314:848. [Ref.ID 32663]
Gilbody S, Sheldon T, Song F, House A. Prescribing antidepressants in general practice. Costs should have been considered. BMJ 1997;314:828-9. [Ref.ID 32570]
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Sheldon T. Dutch crack down on drugs policy. BMJ 1996;312:928-9. [Ref.ID 26720]
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Dixon R, Glenny AM, Eastwood A, Sharp DL, Fullerton D, Petticrew M, Sheldon T. Topical treatment for head lice. BMJ 1996;123:. [Ref.ID 25711]
Smith C, Frater A, Abrams K, Sheldon T. Female barrier contraceptive. Lancet 1993;341:696-7. [Ref.ID 19064]
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