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Devinsky O, Patel AD, Cross JH, Villanueva V, Wirrell EC, Privitera M, Greenwood SM, Roberts C, Checketts D, VanLandingham KE, Zuberi SM, for the GWPCARE3 Study Group. Effect of cannabidiol on drop seizures in the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. N Engl J Med 2018;378:17 de mayo. [Ref.ID 102609]
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Thiele EA, French ED, French JA, Mazurkiewicz-Beldzinska M, Benbadis SR, Joshi C, Lyons PD, Taylor A, Roberts C, Sommerville K, on behalf of the GWPCARE4 Study Group. Cannabidiol in patients with seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (GWPCARE4): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial. Lancet 2018;391:24 de enero. [Ref.ID 102450]
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Damen JAAG, Hooft L, Schuit E, Debray TPA, Collins GS, Tzoulaki I, Lassale CM, Siontis GCM, Chiocchia V, Roberts C, Schlüssel MM, Gerry S, Black JA, Heus P, Van der Schouw YT, Peelen LM, Moons KGM. Prediction models for cardiovascular disease risk in the general population: systematic review. BMJ 2016;353:i2416. [Ref.ID 100337]
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Poller L, Keown M, Ibrahim S, Lowe G, Moia M, Turpie AG, Roberts C, Van den Besselaar AMHP, van der Meer FJM, Tripodi A, Palareti G, Shiach C, Bryan S, Samama M, Burgess-Wilson M, Heagerty A, Maccallum P, Wright D, Jespersen J. An international multicenter randomized study of computer-assisted oral anticoagulant dosage vs. medical staff dosage. J Thromb Haemost 2008;6:935-43. [Ref.ID 82202]
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Goodyer I, Dubicka B, Wilkinson P, Kelvin R, Roberts C, Byford S, Breen S, Ford C, Barrett B, Leech A, Rothwell J, White L, Harrington R. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and routine specialist care with and without cognitive behaviour therapy in adolescents with major depression: randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2007;335:142-6. [Ref.ID 80711]
Lovell K, Cox D, Haddock G, Jones C, Raines D, Garvey R, Roberts C, Hadley S. Telephone administered cognitive behaviour therapy for treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder: randomised controlled non-inferiority trial. BMJ 2006;333:883-6. [Ref.ID 78439]
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Hooper L, Brown TJ, Elliott RA, Payne K, Roberts C, Symmons D. The effectiveness of five strategies for the prevention of gastrointestinal toxicity induced by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: systematic review. BMJ 2004;329:948-52. [Ref.ID 71704]
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Robinson A, Thompson DG, Wilkin D, Roberts C, for the Northwest Gastrointestinal Research Group. Guided self-management and patient-directed follow-up of ulcerative colitis: a randomised trial. Lancet 2001;358:976-81. [Ref.ID 58559]
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Venning P, Durie A, Roland M, Roberts C, Leese B. Randomised controlled trial comparing cost effectiveness of general practitioners and nurse practitioners in primary care. BMJ 2000;320:1048-53. [Ref.ID 50475]
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Roberts C, Sarangi S, Southgate L, Wakeford R, Wass V. Oral examinations - equal opportunities, ethnicity, and fairness in the MRCGP. BMJ 2000;320:370-5. [Ref.ID 49195]
Torgerson DJ, Roberts C. Randomisation methods: concealment. BMJ 1999;319:375-6. [Ref.ID 46113]
Roberts C, Torgerson DJ. Baseline imbalance in randomised controlled trials. BMJ 1999;319:185. [Ref.ID 45959]
Roberts C, Torgerson D. Randomisation methods in controlled trials. BMJ 1998;317:1301. [Ref.ID 41650]
Roberts C, Sibbald B. Randomising groups of patients. BMJ 1998;316:1898. [Ref.ID 40198]
Sibbald B, Roberts C. Crossover trials. BMJ 1998;316:1719. [Ref.ID 40007]
Kleyman TR, Roberts C, Ling BN. A mechanism for pentamidine-induced hyperkalemia: inhibition of distal nephron sodium transport. Ann Intern Med 1995;122:103-6. [Ref.ID 26400]
Bickerton RC, Roberts C, Little JT. Survey of general practitioners' treatment of the discharging ear. BMJ 1988;296:1649-50. [Ref.ID 11732]
Homeida M, Roberts C, Branch RA. Influence of probenecid and spironolactone on furosemide kinetics and dynamics in man. Clin Pharmacol Ther 1977;22:402-9. [Ref.ID 3365]
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