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Fabbri A, Parker L, Colombo C, Mosconi P, Barbara G, Frattaruolo MP, Lau E, Kroeger CM, Lunny C, Salzwedel DM, Mintzes B. Industry funding of patient and health consumer organisations: systematic review with meta-analysis. BMJ 2020;368:22 de enero. [Ref.ID 103515]
2. Cita con resumen
Parker L, Fabbri A, Grundy Q, Mintzes B, Bero L. “Asset exchange”—interactions between patient groups and pharmaceutical industry: Australian qualitative study. BMJ 2019;367:12 de diciembre. [Ref.ID 103224]
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6.Tiene citas relacionadas
Parker L, Pearce M S, Dickinson HO, Aitkin M, Craft AW. Stillbirths among offspring of male radiation workers at Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant. Lancet 1999;354:1407-14. [Ref.ID 47440]
7. Cita con resumen
Parker L. Paediatric oncologists look forward to the millennium. Lancet 1999;354:1100. [Ref.ID 46964]
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Parker L, Cole M, Craft AW, Hey EN. Neonatal vitamin K administration and childhood cancer in the North of England: retrospective case-control study. BMJ 1998;316:189-93. [Ref.ID 36690]
Parker L. Causes of testicular cancer. Lancet 1997;350:827-8. [Ref.ID 35383]
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