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Fabbri A, Parker L, Colombo C, Mosconi P, Barbara G, Frattaruolo MP, Lau E, Kroeger CM, Lunny C, Salzwedel DM, Mintzes B. Industry funding of patient and health consumer organisations: systematic review with meta-analysis. BMJ 2020;368:22 de enero. [Ref.ID 103515]
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3. Cita con resumen
Habibi R, Lexchin J, Mintzes B, Holbrook A. Unwarranted claims of drug efficacy in pharmaceutical sales visits: are drugs approved on the basis of surrogate outcomes promoted appropriately?. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2017;83:2549-56. [Ref.ID 102116]
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Mintzes B. When drugs don’t make it to market. BMJ 2015;350:h2852. [Ref.ID 99188]
5. Cita con resumen
Mintzes B, Lexchin J, Sutherland JM, Beaulieu MD, Wilkes MS, Durrieu G, Reynolds E. Pharmaceutical sales representatives and patient safety: a comparative prospective study of information quality in Canada, France and the United States. J Gen Intern Med 2013;28:1368-75. [Ref.ID 95199]
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Mintzes B. Direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs. BMJ 2008;337:526-7. [Ref.ID 84015]
8.Enlace a cita original Cita con resumen
Mintzes B. Disease mongering in drug promotion. do governments have a regulatory role?. PLOS Medicine 2006;3:198. [Ref.ID 77490]
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Mintzes B, Barer ML, Kravitz RL, Kazanjian A, Bassett K, Lexchin J, Evans RG, Pan R, Marion SA. Influence of direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertising and patients' requests on prescribing decisions: two site cross sectional survey. BMJ 2002;324:278-9. [Ref.ID 60249]
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