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Marwick C. Federal funding for comparative drug studies not in US budget. BMJ 2004;328:603. [Ref.ID 73195]
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Marwick C. Drug companies defend rewards to doctors for switching treatments. BMJ 2003;326:67. [Ref.ID 69029]
Marwick C. US doctor warns of misuses of prescribed stimulants. BMJ 2003;326:67. [Ref.ID 69028]
Marwick C. Bayer is forced to release documents over withdrawal of cerivastatin. BMJ 2003;326:518. [Ref.ID 65555]
Marwick C. Report demands better protection for people in research trials. BMJ 2002;325:796. [Ref.ID 63648]
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Marwick C. Controls on human research participants are "outdated". BMJ 2002;325:617. [Ref.ID 63436]
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Marwick C. US report finds no link between MMR and autism. BMJ 2001;322:1083. [Ref.ID 56283]
Marwick C. Strengthening the safety net. Scrip Magazine 2001;99:6-7. [Ref.ID 55409]
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Marwick C. Conflicts of interest in clinical research. Scrip Magazine 2000;95:7-9. [Ref.ID 54078]
Marwick C. NIDA seeking data on effect of fetal exposure to methamphetamine. JAMA 2000;283:2225-6. [Ref.ID 50786]
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Marwick C. Warning on dietary supplements. JAMA 1999;282:1218. [Ref.ID 47158]
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