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Roshandel G, Khoshnia M, Poustchi H, Hemming K, Kamangar F, Gharavi A, Ostovaneh MR, Nateghi A, Majed M, Navabakhsh B, Merat S, Pourshams A, Nalini M, Malekzadeh F, Sadeghi M, Mohammadifard N, Sarrafzadegan N, Naemi-Tabiei M, Fazel A, Brennan P, Etemadi A, Boffetta P, Thomas N, Marshall T, Cheng KK, Malekzadeh R. Effectiveness of polypill for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases (PolyIran): a pragmatic, cluster-randomised trial. Lancet 2019;394:24 de agosto. [Ref.ID 103246]
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Marshall T. New of the polypill. BMJ 2008;337:948. [Ref.ID 84316]
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Al-Marzouki S, Roberts I, Evans S, Marshall T. Selective reporting in clinical trials: analysis of trial protocols accepted by The Lancet. Lancet 2008;372:201. [Ref.ID 83620]
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Al-Marzouki S, Evans S, Marshall T, Roberts I. Are these data real? Statistical methods for the detection of data fabrication in clinical trials. BMJ 2005;331:267-70. [Ref.ID 74548]
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del Rio Gomez I, Marshall T, Tsai P, Shao YS, Guo Y L. Number of boys born to men exposed to polychlorinated byphenyls. Lancet 2002;360:143-4. [Ref.ID 63132]
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Marshall T. Doctors in Guantanamo Bay are at risk of being accessories to torture. BMJ 2002;324:235. [Ref.ID 60217]
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Marshall T. Systolic blood pressure and mortality. Lancet 2000;356:683. [Ref.ID 52481]
11.Tiene citas relacionadas
Marshall T, Rouse A. Management of hypertension. Guidelines have serious weaknesses. BMJ 2000;320:576-7. [Ref.ID 49626]
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Langford NJ, Marshall T, Ferner RE. The lacing defence: double blind study of thresholds for detecting addition of ethanol to drinks. BMJ 1999;319:1610. [Ref.ID 48170]
Marshall T. Hormone replacement therapy for all? Women must choose for themselves. BMJ 1996;313:1205. [Ref.ID 30098]
Moodie PCE, Marshall T. Guidelines for local research ethics committees. BMJ 1992;304:1293-5. [Ref.ID 17409]
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