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Ma H, Li X, Sun D, Zhou T, Ley SH, Gustat J, Heianza Y, Qi L. Association of habitual glucosamine use with risk of cardiovascular disease: prospective study in UK Biobank. BMJ 2019;365:l1628. [Ref.ID 103121]
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Luo H, Zhao L, Leung J, Zhang R, Liu Z, Wang X, Wang B, Nie Z, Lei T, Li X, Zhou W, Zhang L, Wang Q, Li M, Zhou Y, Liu Q, Sun H, Wang Z, Liang S, Guo X, Tao Q, Wu K, Pan Y, Fan D. Routine pre-procedural rectal indometacin versus selective post-procedural rectal indometacin to prevent pancreatitis in patients undergoing endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a multicentre, singe-blinded, randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2016;387:2293-301. [Ref.ID 100389]
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Hu Y, Lu S, Song Z, Want W, Hao P, Li J, Zhang X, Yen H-L, Shi B, Li T, Guan W, Xu L, Liu Y, Wang S, Zhang XS, Tian D, Zhu Z, He J, Huang K, Chen H, Zheng L, Li X, Ping J, Kang B, Xi X, Zha L, Li Y, Zhang Z, Peiris M, Yuan Z. Association between adverse clinical outcome in human disease caused by novel influenza A H7N9 virus and sustained viral shedding and emergence of antiviral resistance. Lancet 2013;381:2273-9. [Ref.ID 95761]
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Raghu G, Behr J, Brown KK, Egan JJ, Kawut SM, Flaherty KR, Martínez FJ, Nathan SD, Wells AU, Collard HR, Costabel U, Richeldi L, de Andrade J, Khalil N, Morrison LD, Lederer DJ, Shao L, Li X, Pedersen PS, Montgomery AB, Chien JW, O'Riordan TG, and the ARTEMIS-IPF Investigators. Treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with ambrisentan: a parallel, randomized trial. Ann Intern Med 2013;158:641-9. [Ref.ID 95394]
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Wu J, Lu L, Miao L, Gao T, Ji W, Liu D, Ma R, Yu R, Zhangzhu J, Liu W, Zeng Y, Li X, Zhang X, Pang X, Deng Y. Safety and effectiveness of a 2009 H1N1 vaccine in Beijing. N Engl J Med 2010;363:2416-23. [Ref.ID 89800]
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Swisher KK, Li X, Vesely SK, George JN. Drug-induced thrombocytopenia: an updated systematic review, 2008. Drug Saf 2009;32:85-6. [Ref.ID 85098]
Li X, Swisher KK, Vesely SK, George JN. Drug-induced thrombocytopenia: an update systematic review, 2006. Drug Saf 2007;30:185-6. [Ref.ID 79295]
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Brown TT, Cole SR, Li X, Kingsley LA, Palella FJ, Riddler SA, Visscher BR, Margolick JB, Dobs AS. Antiretroviral therapy and the prevalence and incidence of diabetes mellitus in the multicenter AIDS cohort study. Arch Intern Med 2005;165:1179-84. [Ref.ID 73962]
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Li X, Hunt L, Vesely SK. Drug-induced thrombocytopenia: an updated systematic review. Ann Intern Med 2005;142:474-5. [Ref.ID 73364]
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Phillips M R, Li X, Zhang Y. Suicide rates in China, 1995-99. Lancet 2002;359:835-40. [Ref.ID 61167]
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