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Nagaraj A, Howe A. Vitamin D deficiency. No to universal supplementation. BMJ 2010;340:380. [Ref.ID 87882]
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Dowrick C, Leydon GM, McBride A, Howe A, Burgess H, Clarke P, Maisey S, Kendrick T. Patients' and doctors' views on depression severity questionnaires incentivised in UK quality and outcomes framework: qualitative study. BMJ 2009;338:762. [Ref.ID 85543]
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Kendrick T, Dowrick C, McBride A, Howe A, Clarke P, Maisey S, Moore M, Smith PW. Management of depression in UK general practice in relation to scores on depression severity questionnaires: analysis of medical record data. BMJ 2009;338:761. [Ref.ID 85542]
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Holland R, Brooksby I, Lenaghan E, Ashton K, Hay L, Smith R, Shepstone L, Lipp A, Daly C, Howe A, Hall R, Harvey I. Effectiveness of visits from community pharmacists for patients with heart failure: HeartMed randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2007;334:1098-101. [Ref.ID 80218]
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Ioannidis JPA, Ahmed T, Awasthi S, Clarfield AM, Clark J, Dandona L, Howe A, Lozano JM, Li Y, Madani H, Marusic A, Mohammed I, Purcell GP, Rhoads M, Sliwa-Hähnle K, Straus SE, Edejer TTT, Tugwell P, Ward R, Wilkes MS, Smith R. Open letter to the leaders of academic medicine. BMJ 2007;334:191-3. [Ref.ID 79010]
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Howe A, Campion P, Searle J, Smith H. New perspectives - approaches to medical education at four new UK medical schools. BMJ 2004;329:327-32. [Ref.ID 71079]
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Howe A. Is primary care research a lost cause?. Lancet 2003;361:1473-4. [Ref.ID 65814]
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