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Henry D, Dormuth C, Winquist B, Carney G, Budgen S, Teare G, Lévesque LE, Bérard A, Paterson JM, Platt RW, for the CNODES (Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies) Investigators. Occurrence of pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes during isotretinoin therapy . Can Med Assoc J 2016;188:12 de julio. [Ref.ID 100186]
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Moynihan R, Henry D, Moons KGM. Using evidence to combat overdiagnosis and overtrea tests, and disease definitions in the time of too much. PLOS Medicine 2014;11:e1001655. [Ref.ID 97789]
McGettigan P, Han P, Jones L, Whitaker D, Henry D. Selective COX-2 inhibitors, NSAIDs and congestive heart failure: differences between new and recurrent cases. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2008;65:927-34. [Ref.ID 83112]
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Moynihan R, Doran E, Henry D. Disease mongering is now part of the global health debate. PLOS Medicine 2008;5:106. [Ref.ID 83006]
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Henry D, McGettigan P. Cyclooxygenase inhibitors and cardiovascular risk. In reply. JAMA 2007;297:587-8. [Ref.ID 79317]
McGettigan P, Han P, Henry D. Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors and coronary occlusion - exploring dose-response relationships. Br J Clin Pharmacol 2006;62:358-65. [Ref.ID 77916]
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Moynihan R, Henry D. The fight against disease mongering: generating knowledge for action. PLOS Medicine 2006;3:191. [Ref.ID 76676]
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Henry D, Doran E, Kerridge I, Hill S, McNeill PM, Day R. Multiple relationship between clinical researchers and the pharmaceutical industry. Arch Intern Med 2005;165:2493-6. [Ref.ID 75652]
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Henry D. In brief. Lancet 2005;366:1156. [Ref.ID 74901]
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Mansfield PR, Henry D. Misleading drug promotion - no sign of improvements. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2004;13:797-9. [Ref.ID 72049]
McGettigan P, Wilkinson A, Henry D. Over-the-counter analgesics are safe, are they not?. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2003;12:S177-8. [Ref.ID 67138]
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Henry D, Lexchin J. Patent law. Lancet 2003;361:1059. [Ref.ID 65482]
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Henry D, Lexchin J. Pfizer Diflucan Partnership Program. Authors' reply. Lancet 2003;361:72. [Ref.ID 64743]
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Henry D, Lexchin J. The pharmaceutical industry as a medicines provider. Lancet 2002;360:1590-5. [Ref.ID 64085]
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Moynihan R, Heath I, Henry D. The pharmaceutical industry and disease mongering. Authors' reply. BMJ 2002;325:218-9. [Ref.ID 62873]
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Hyman DJ, Henry D, Taylor A. Severe rhabdomyolysis related to cerivastatin without gemfibrozil. Ann Intern Med 2002;137:74. [Ref.ID 62679]
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