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Liu B, Luo Z, Pinto JM, Shiroma EJ, Tranah GJ, Wirdefeldt K, Fang F, Harris TB, Chen H. Relationship between poor olfaction and mortality among community-dwelling older adults: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med 2019:30 de abril. [Ref.ID 103093]
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Yaffe K, Falvey CM, Hamilton N, Harris TB, Simonsick EB, Strotmeyer ES, Shorr RI, Metti A, Schwartz AV, Health ABC Study. Association between hypoglycemia and dementia in a biracial cohort of older adults with diabetes mellitus. JAMA Intern Med 2013;173:1300-6. [Ref.ID 95868]
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Xiao Q, Murphy RA, Houston DK, Harris TB, Chow W-H, Park Y. Dietary and supplemental calcium intake and cardiovascular disease mortality: the National Institutes of Health-AARP Diet and Health Study. JAMA Intern Med 2013;173:639-46. [Ref.ID 95288]
Kalogeropoulos A, Georgiopoulou V, Kritchevsky SB, Psaty BM, Smith NL, Newman AB, Rodondi N, Satterfield S, Bauer DC, Bibbins-Domingo K, Smith AL, Wilson PWF, Vasan RS, Harris TB, Butler J. Epidemiology of incident heart failure in a contemporary elderly cohort. The Health, Aging, and Body Composition Study. Arch Intern Med 2009;169:708-15. [Ref.ID 85690]
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Adams KF, Schatzkin A, Harris TB, Kipnis V, Mouw T, Ballard-Barbash R, Hollenbeck A, Leitzmann MF. Overweight, obesity, and mortality in a large prospective cohort of persons 50 to 71 years old. N Engl J Med 2006;355:763-78. [Ref.ID 77881]
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Kern LM, Powe N R, Levine MA, Fitzpatrick AL, Harris TB, Robbins J, Fried LP. Association between screening for osteoporosis and the incidence of hip fracture. Ann Intern Med 2005;142:173-81. [Ref.ID 72724]
Visser M, Bouter LM, McQuillan GM, Wener MH, Harris TB. Elevated C-reactive protein levels in overweight and obese adults. JAMA 1999;131:2131-5. [Ref.ID 48499]
Diehr P, Bild DE, Harris TB, Duxbury A, Siscovick D, Rossi M. Body mass index and mortality in nonsmoking older adults: the cardiovascular health study. Am J Public Health 1998;88:623-9. [Ref.ID 38432]
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Harris TB, Launer LJ, Madans J, Feldman JJ. Cohort study of effect of being overweight and change in weight on risk of coronary heart disease in old age. BMJ 1997;314:1791-4. [Ref.ID 33229]
Galanis DJ, Petrovitch H, Launer LJ, Harris TB, Foley DJ, White LR. Smoking history in middle age and subsequent cognitive performance in elderly Japanese-American men. The Honolulu-Asia aging study. Am J Epidemiol 1997;145:507-15. [Ref.ID 31837]
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Brown SL, Salive ME, Harris TB, Simonsick EM, Guralnik JM, Kohout FJ. Low cholesterol concentrations and severe depressive symptoms in elderly people. BMJ 1994;308:1328-32. [Ref.ID 21810]
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