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Taichman DB, Backus J, Baethge C, De Leeuw PW, Drazen JM, Fletcher J, Frizelle FA, Groves T, Haileamlak A, James A, Laine C, Peiperl L, Sahni P, Wu S. Sharing clinical trial data — A proposal from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. N Engl J Med 2016;374:28 de enero. [Ref.ID 99977]
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Loder E, Groves T, MacAuley D. Registration of observational studies. BMJ 2010;340:375-6. [Ref.ID 87874]
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Groves T. Enhancing the quality and transparency of health research. BMJ 2008;337:66. [Ref.ID 83523]
9.Tiene citas relacionadas Cita con resumen
Groves T. Mandatory disclosure of trial results for drugs and devices. BMJ 2008;336:170. [Ref.ID 82073]
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11.Tiene citas relacionadas
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Groves T. Information sharing: getting journals and books to developing countries. BMJ 1993;307:1614-7. [Ref.ID 20838]
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