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Collins R, Reith C, Emberson J, Armitage J, Baigent C, Blackwell L, Blumenthal R, Danesh J, Smith GD, Demets D, Evans S, Law M, McMahon S, Martin S, Neal B, Poulter N, Preiss D, Ridker P, Roberts I, Rodgers A, Sandercok P, Schulz K, Sever P, Simes J, Smeeth L, Wald N, Yusuf S, Peto R. Interpretation of the evidence for the efficacy and safety of statin therapy. Lancet 2016;388:2532-61. [Ref.ID 100988]
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Ettehad D, Emdin CA, Kiran A, Anderson SG, Callender T, Emberson J, Chalmers J, Rodgers A, Rahimi K. Blood pressure lowering for prevention of cardiovascular disease and death: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Lancet 2016;387:957-67. [Ref.ID 100151]
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Emberson J, Lees KR, Lyden P, Blackwell L, Albers G, Bluhmki E, Brott T, Cohen G, Davis S, Donnan G, Grotta J, Howard G, Kaste M, Koga M, von Kummer R, Lansberg M, Lindley RI, Murray G, Olivot JM, Parsons M, Tilley B, Toni D, Toyoda K, Wahlgren N, Wardlaw J, Whiteley W, del Zoppo GJ, Baigent C, Sandercock P, Hacke W, for the Stroke Thrombolysis Trialists' Collaborative Group. Effect of treatment delay, age, and stroke severity on the effects of intravenous thrombolysis with alteplase for acute ischaemic stroke: a meta-analysis of individual patient data from randomised trials. Lancet 2014;384:1929-35. [Ref.ID 98367]
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Rahimi K, Bhala N, Kamphuisen P, Emberson J, Biere-Rafi S, Krane V, Robertson M, Wikstrand J, McMurray J. Effect of statins on venous thromboembolic events: a meta-analysis of published and unpublished evidence from randomised controlled trials. PLOS Medicine 2012:23 de octubre. [Ref.ID 93150]
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Baigent C, Landray MJ, Reith C, Emberson J, Wheeler DC, Tomson C, Wanner C, Krane V, Cass A, Craig J, Neal B, Jiang L, Hooi LS, Levin A, Agodoa L, Gaziano M, Kasiske B. The effects of lowering LDL cholesterol with simvastatin plus ezetimibe in patients with chronic kidney disease (Study of Heart and Renal Protection): a randomised placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 2011;377:2181-92. [Ref.ID 91346]
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Emberson J, Bennett D, Parish S, Armitage J, Collins R, on behalf of the Heart Protection Study Collaborative Group. C-reactive protein in the Heart Protection Study. Authors' reply. Lancet 2011;377:1918-9. [Ref.ID 91291]
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Rahimi K, Emberson J, McGale P, Majoni W, Merhi A, Asselbergs FW, Krane V, Macfarlane PW, PWM is acting on behalf of the PROSPER Executive. Effect of statins on atrial fibrillation: collaborative meta-analysis of published and unpublished evidence from randomised controlled trials. BMJ 2011;342:693. [Ref.ID 90342]
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Baigent C, Blackwell L, Emberson J, Collins R, Peto R, on behalf of the Antithrombotic Trialists' Collaboration. Aspirin in the primary prevention of vascular disease. ATT secretariat's reply. Lancet 2009;374:879. [Ref.ID 86689]
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Peto R, Emberson J, Landray M, Baigent C, Collins R, Clare R, Califf R. Analyses of cancer data from three ezetimibe trials. N Engl J Med 2008;359:1357-66. [Ref.ID 84067]
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Lewington S, Whitlock G, Clarke R, Sherliker P, Emberson J, Collins R, for the PSC collaborators. Cholesterol, statins, and mortality. Authors' reply. Lancet 2008;371:1162-3. [Ref.ID 82575]
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Whincup P, Emberson J, Morris R, Shaper AG. INTERHEART. Lancet 2005;365:117. [Ref.ID 72475]
12.Tiene citas relacionadas Cita con resumen
Brindle P, Emberson J, Lampe F, Walker M, Whincup P, Fahey T, Ebrahim S. Predictive accuracy of the Framingham coronary risk score in British men: prospective cohort study. BMJ 2003;327:1267-70. [Ref.ID 68272]
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Ebrahim S, Shlomo YB, Smith GD, Whincup P, Emberson J. Dementia and statins. Lancet 2001;357:882. [Ref.ID 55614]
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Reid I R, Hague W, Emberson J, Baker J, Tonkin A, Hunt D, MacMahon S, Sharpe N, on behalf of the LIPID Study Group. Effect of pravastatin on frequency of fracture in the LIPID study: secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2001;357:509-12. [Ref.ID 55210]
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Tonkin AM, Colquhoun D, Emberson J, Hague W, Keeck A, Lane G, MacMahon S, Shaw J, Simes RJ, Thompson PL, White HD, Hunt D, for the LIPID Study Group. Effects of pravastatin in 3260 patients with unstable angina: results from the LIPID study. Lancet 2000;356:1871-5. [Ref.ID 54282]
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