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Day M. Italian expert questions need for expanded vaccination schedule. BMJ 2015;351:h6181. [Ref.ID 99693]
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Day M. Only 2% of food aid is spent on reducing malnutrition in children. BMJ 2009;339:1164. [Ref.ID 87192]
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Day M. Misuse of ADHD drugs by young people is rising, US data show. BMJ 2009;339:479. [Ref.ID 86675]
Day M. European paediatric clinical trials miss priority needs. BMJ 2008;337:533. [Ref.ID 84016]
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Day M. Clinical trial results often overstate benefits of treatment. BMJ 2007;334:1341. [Ref.ID 80544]
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Day M. Don't blame it all on the bogey. BMJ 2007;334:1250-1. [Ref.ID 80354]
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Day M. MRC says it will invent, develop, and market its own drugs. BMJ 2007;334:1025. [Ref.ID 80107]
Day M. Mapping the alternative. BMJ 2007;334:929-31. [Ref.ID 80074]
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Day M. Who's funding WHO?. BMJ 2007;334:338-40. [Ref.ID 79343]
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Day M. So how much do doctors really earn?. BMJ 2007;334:236-7. [Ref.ID 79097]
Day M. Plan to halve MRSA cases by 2008 will not be achieved. BMJ 2007;334:116. [Ref.ID 78935]
Day M. Agency criticises drug trial. BMJ 2006;332:1290. [Ref.ID 77149]
Day M. Half a million children a year die of AIDS through lack of drugs. BMJ 2006;332:1234. [Ref.ID 77094]
Day M. WHO's director general dies. BMJ 2006;332:1234. [Ref.ID 77093]
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Day M. US study finds data changes in drug companies' brochures. BMJ 2006;332:568. [Ref.ID 76406]
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