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Foster GR, Afdhal N, Roberts SK, Bräu N, Gane EJ, Pianko S, Lawitz E, Thompson A, Shiffman ML, Cooper C, Towner WJ, Conway B, Ruane P, Bourlière M, Asselah T, Berg T, Zeumem S, Rosenberg W, Agarwal K, Stedman CA, Mo H, Dvory-Sobol H, Han L, Wang J, McNally J, Osinusi A, Brainard DM, McHutchison JG, Mazzotta F, Tran TT, Gordon SC, Patel K, Reau N, Mangia A, Sulkowski M, ASTRAL-2 Investigators, ASTRAL-3 Investigators. Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir for HCV genotype 2 and 3 infection. N Engl J Med 2015;373:2608-17. [Ref.ID 99804]
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Naggie S, Cooper C, Saag M, Workowski K, Towner WJ, Marks K, Luetkemeyer A, Baden RP, Sax PE, Gane E, Santana-Bagur J, Stamm LM, Yang JC, German P, Dvory-Sobol H, Ni L, Pang PS, McHutchison JG, Stedman CAM, Morales-Ramirez JO, Bräu N, Jayaweera D, Colson AE, Tebas P, Wong DK, Dieterich D, Sulkowski M, for the ION-4 Investigators. Ledipasvir and sofosbuvir for HCV in patients coinfected with HIV-1. N Engl J Med 2015;373:705-13. [Ref.ID 99506]
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Ferenci P, Bernstein D, Lalezari J, Cohen D, Luo Y, Cooper C, Tam E, Marinho RT, Tsai N, Nyberg A, Box TD, Younes Z, Enayati P, Green S, Baruch Y, Bhandari BR, Caruntu FA, Sepe T, Chulanov V, Janczewska E, Rizzardini G, Gervain J, Planas R, Moreno C, Hassanein T, Xie W, Podsadecki T, Reddy KR. ABT-450/r - Ombitasvir and dasabuvir with or for HCV. N Engl J Med 2014;370:1983-92. [Ref.ID 97629]
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Javaid MK, Cooper C. Opportunities to prevent fracture are being missed. BMJ 2013;346:23. [Ref.ID 94834]
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Freemantle N, Cooper C, Díez-Pérez A, Gitlin M, Radcliffe H, Shepherd S, Roux C. Results of indirect and mixed treatment comparison of fracture efficacy for osteoporosis treatments: a meta-analysis. Osteoporos Int 2013;24:209-17. [Ref.ID 94651]
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Vestergaard P, Prieto-Alhambra D, Javaid MK, Cooper C. Fractures in users of antidepressants and anxiolytics and sedatives: effects of age and dose. Osteoporos Int 2015;24:671-80. [Ref.ID 94325]
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Harvey NC, Cooper C. Vitamin D: some perspective please. BMJ 2012;345:5. [Ref.ID 93562]
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Prieto-Alhambra D, Javaid MK, Judge A, Murray D, Carr A, Cooper C, Arden NK. Association between bisphosphonate use and implant survival after primary total arthroplasty of the knee or hip: population based retrospective cohort study. BMJ 2012;344:17. [Ref.ID 92219]
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Prieto-Alhambra D, Javaid MK, Judge A, Murray D, Carr A, Cooper C, Arden NK. Association between bisphosphonate use and implant survival after primary total athroplasty of the knee or hip: population based retrospective cohort study. BMJ 2011;343:d7222. [Ref.ID 91899]
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Cooper C, Arden NK. Excess mortality in osteoarthritis. BMJ 2011;342:609-10. [Ref.ID 91238]
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McCabe C, Chilcott J, Claxton K, Tappenden P, Cooper C, Roberts J, Cooper N, Abrams K. Continuing the scheme is unjustified. BMJ 2010;340:1285,1287-1288. [Ref.ID 88681]
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de Vries F, de Vries C, Cooper C, Leufkens B, van Staa TP. Reanalysis of two studies with contrasting results on the association between statin use and fracture risk: the General Practice Research Database. Int J Epidemiol 2006;35:1301-8. [Ref.ID 84294]
Mills EJ, Nachega JB, Buchan I, Orbinski J, Attaran A, Singh S, Rachlis B, Wu P, Cooper C, Thabane L, Wilson K, Guyatt GH, Bangsberg DR. Adherence to antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa and North America. A meta-analysis. JAMA 2006;296:679-90. [Ref.ID 77836]
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Sambrook P, Cooper C. Osteoporosis. Lancet 2006;367:2010-8. [Ref.ID 77321]
15. Cita con resumen
Javaid MK, Crozier SR, Harvey NC, Gale CR, Dennison EM, Boucher BJ, Arden NK, Godfrey KM, Cooper C, and the Princess Anne Hospital Study Group. Maternal vitamin D status during pregnancy and childhood bone mass at age 9 years: a longitudinal study. Lancet 2006;367:36-43. [Ref.ID 75893]
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Milne F, Redman C, Walker J, Baker P, Bradley J, Cooper C, De Swiet M, Fletcher G, Jokinen M, Murphy D, Nelson-Piercy C, Osgood V, Robson S, Shennan A, Tuffnell A, Twaddle S, Waugh J. The pre-eclampsia community guideline (PRECOG): how to screen for and detect onset of pre-eclampsia in the community. BMJ 2005;330:576-80. [Ref.ID 73111]
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Harvey N, Cooper C. Physiotherapy for neck and back pain. BMJ 2005;330:53-4. [Ref.ID 72463]
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Cooper C, Jordan KM. Topical NSAIDs in osteoarthritis. BMJ 2004;329:304-5. [Ref.ID 71073]
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van Staa TP, Leufkens B, Cooper C. Bone loss and inhaled glucocorticoids. N Engl J Med 2002;346:533-4. [Ref.ID 60343]
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Bauge I, Cooper C, Premkumar R, Tresharn I. Management of peanut allergy. Lancet 2001;357:1531. [Ref.ID 58168]
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