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Ostrow L, Jessell L, Hurd M, Darrow SM, Cohen D. Discontinuing psychiatric medications: a survey of long-term users . Psychiatric Services 2017;68:1232-8. [Ref.ID 101485]
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Cipriani A, Zhou X, Del Giovane C, Hetrick SE, Qin B, Whittington C, Coghill D, Zhang Y, Hazell P, Leucht S, Cuijpers P, Pu J, Cohen D, Ravindran AV, Liu Y, Michael KD, Yang L, Liu L, Xie P. Comparative efficacy and tolerability of antidepressants for major depressive disorder in children and adolescents: a network meta-analysis. Lancet 2016;388:881-90. [Ref.ID 100612]
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Cohen D. Rivaroxaban: can we trust the evidence?. BMJ 2016;352:i575. [Ref.ID 100048]
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Cohen D. Dabigatran: how the drug company withheld important analyses. BMJ 2014;349:g4670. [Ref.ID 98145]
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Ferenci P, Bernstein D, Lalezari J, Cohen D, Luo Y, Cooper C, Tam E, Marinho RT, Tsai N, Nyberg A, Box TD, Younes Z, Enayati P, Green S, Baruch Y, Bhandari BR, Caruntu FA, Sepe T, Chulanov V, Janczewska E, Rizzardini G, Gervain J, Planas R, Moreno C, Hassanein T, Xie W, Podsadecki T, Reddy KR. ABT-450/r - Ombitasvir and dasabuvir with or for HCV. N Engl J Med 2014;370:1983-92. [Ref.ID 97629]
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Cohen D. Roche and Novartis colluded over wet AMD drugs, says Italian body. BMJ 2014;348:g2006. [Ref.ID 97411]
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Cohen D. European drugs agency clashes with scientists over GLP-1 drugs. BMJ 2013;347:2. [Ref.ID 96152]
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Cohen D. Incretins and pancreatic cancer. Investigations editor's reply. BMJ 2013;347:25. [Ref.ID 96133]
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13. Cita con resumen
Cohen D. Roche promises Tamiflu trial data to Cochrane researchers. BMJ 2013;346:1. [Ref.ID 95436]
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Cohen D. Medication for attention deficit -hyperactivity disorder and criminality. N Engl J Med 2013;368:775-6. [Ref.ID 94972]
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Cohen D. Hip implants: how safe is metal on metal?. BMJ 2012;344:18-22. [Ref.ID 92506]
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Butler CC, Simpson SA, Dunstan F, Rollnick S, Cohen D, Gillespie D, Evans MR, Alam MF, Bekkers M-J, Evans J, Moore L, Howe R, Hayes J, Hare M, Hood K. Effectiveness of multifaceted educational programme to reduce antibiotic dispensing in primary care: practice based randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2012;344:17. [Ref.ID 92353]
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Cohen D. Medtronic submits full data on spinal protein to independent scrutiny. BMJ 2011;343:d5484. [Ref.ID 91895]
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Cohen D. Revision rates for metal on metal hip joints cause concern. BMJ 2011;343:606. [Ref.ID 91508]
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Cohen D. The prickly problem of access to insulin. BMJ 2011;343:562. [Ref.ID 91470]
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